One Box Missing
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Long Feng



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November 4, 2009

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Bride of Long Feng

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Reading Katara's Mind

One Box Missing is the fifteenth chapter of Long Feng.


The men hurried to Sozin Chapel and scattered holy wafers in the boxes there. Long Feng couldn't hide in them any more, but he still had his other boxes, all hidden.

They tracked down most of them in Long Feng's new house and other places on the island.

By the end of the day they had found all except one. Where could Long Feng have hidden this last box? He must have known Haru would be looking for it! "This place smells so vile!", commented Sokka.

They went back to wait in Long Feng's house. They planned to attack him as he walked in. "Have all your arms!", ordered Haru.

At last they heard Long Feng coming! His key turned in the lock, and his heavy footsteps got closer. The friends were tensed and eager, ready to leap out at him.

Alas! Long Feng was far too quick and strong for them. He sprang away from their outstretched arms and smashed the knives from their hands.

The friends tried to force him into a corner. Long Feng backed away from their crosses......then hurled himself forward and knocked them to the floor. He rushed across the room and leapt through the window.

With a scornful look, Long Feng ran away, dropping some of the money he saved for his escape. Again he escaped!

The friends were downhearted. But Haru told them not to worry, Long Feng had left many clues behind. They would catch him, sooner or later. "We have learned something, he fears us!", said Haru.

They hurried back to Jet's hospital, where Katara was waiting for them. She was still very pale, shocked, and sad, but she had an amazing favor to ask them. Katara begged them to help Long Feng's soul find peace, just as they helped her poor friend Yue. The men all wept. Katara was so kind and forgiving!

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