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Onaga is a malevolent spirit and a Realitybender in Avatar: The Last Energybender


Time in the Spirit World

Onaga old form

Onaga's appearance before he was tricked into the Human World

Onaga was the spirit of calamities and misfortune. He used his Realitybending to create horrible storms and other disasters every now and then. He greatly enjoyed his job and also loved watching the pitiful humans struggle to survive. But he also respected their tenacity. So every now and then he'd cut them a break and let fortune shine on their Nations, as long as they gave him his due credit. When the Nations inevitably forgot about him, he would bring their golden age crumbling down.

Tricked into the Human World

Onaga had a rivalry with Koh the Face stealer. The two spirits would often fight over who was stronger. Koh was jealous of Onaga's Realitybending and the fact that his face was the only one he couldn't steal. Onaga was jealous of Koh's face stealing abilities. Eventually Koh came up with a plan to remove Onaga from the Spirit World. One day Koh came to Onaga and told him if he was willing to temporarily go into the human world and become human, Koh would willingly accept him as the stronger of the two. Knowing that if a spirit took on a physical form he would never be allowed to become a spirit again, Onaga initially refused. But when Koh convinced him that he could just Realitybend himself back to Spirit status, Onaga conceded and became a human. But when he tried to turn himself back into a Spirit, the effort almost killed him. Onaga was trapped in the Human World.

The Next Few Centuries

Meeting Choy and Genesis



  • Realitybending is the property of Waterkai and is used in this article with his permission
  • The image of Onaga's spirit form is Ryuk from Death Note
  • The image of his human form is Richard the Warlock from Looking for Group

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