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On the Southern Air Temple
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On the Southern Air Temple is the third episode of Kinu's Adventures: Between Two Avatars and the third episode too of Book One: Travel to the Northern Water Tribe. In this episode, Kinu and Li Chung found Air Acolytes moving to the Southern Air Temple.


Kinu and Li Chung begin their travel to the Northern Water Tribe to rescue the Tribal Chief. They come to a place full of fog and a flying bison rescues them from being caught by Noatak. A child becomes friends with them but... Will they stick around long enough to Noatak not catch them?

Episode 3: On the Southern Air Temple

Water, Earth, Fire, Air. Over 30 years ago, Avatar Aang ended the war of 100 years and restored harmony in the world with the Fire Lord, Zuko. Will it be possible to maintain peace in the world, while the Southern Water Tribe falls into a spiritual decline? Can the master of water, Kinu, help your tribe? KINU'S ADVENTURES: BETWEEN TWO AVATARS.

In the dinner with the Southern Lights, the Southern Lights disappeared and the Tribal chief was kidnapped by the Northern Water Tribe Rebels. Noatak revealed to the Southern Water Tribe, and Kinu and Li Chung start a travel to rescue the Southern Water Tribe Tribal chief. Can Li Chung and Kinu cross the ocean while Noatak chases them?

(Kinu and Li Chung are bored in the boat. Kinu is playing with the water.)

Li Chung: (Inhale and exhale.) Why I can't do waterbending?!

Kinu: I don't know, forget it. That's not important now. (Remains silent.) We have to eat something; I'll catch some fish.

Li Chung: We are eating fish all days! I'm sick!

Kinu: Okay, stop. When we reach to land, we can eat something other than fish.

Li Chung: It seems right.

(Time later.)

Li Chung: I'm very hungry!

Kinu: But you don't want all we have!

Li Chung: Yes but... Look! Fog... (Points where there is fog.)

Kinu: We can go there. Perhaps there's land.

Li Chung: Okay... (The boat goes to the fog.)

(In the middle of the fog.)

Li Chung: This place, it's strange... (He listens to an animal noise.) Kinu, What was that?

Kinu: I don't know, but it's like a sky bison... (He listens to a noise like a wave coming toward them.) What was that?

Li Chung: (Looking through the telescope.) Kinu, look. (He passes the telescope to Li Chung.)

Kinu: (Looking through the telescope.) Aah, It's Noatak!! And he's coming here!!

Li Chung: We have to get away from him!!

(Suddenly, a sky bison approaches to Kinu and Li Chung.)

Unknown child: Come up, lest you die!

(Kinu and Li Chung climb the sky bison with all the things of the boat, leaving the boat alone in the ocean, and the sky bison flies to the sky with other sky bison.)

Kinu: Wow, Where do they go, all those sky bison?

Unknown child: They are going to the Southern Air Temple, we are all Air acolytes. This is my family. My mother, Adre; my father, Noto; and my naughty younger brother, Chin.

Li Chung: What's your name?

Unknown child: My name is Tinz. I'm 12 years old. We come from Republic City. Three years ago, we became Air Acolytes, and a week ago, we moved to the Southern Air Temple.

Kinu: We are going to the Southern Air Temple?

Tinz: Yes. When we saw you being chased by that guy, we picked you because we thought you were in danger.

Li Chung: And yes, we were in danger. Noatak has followed us since we left our tribe. He's a bloodbender, if he catches us, he's going to hurt us a lot.

Tinz: Where do you come from?

Li Chung: From the Southern Water Tribe.

Tinz's father (Noto): We are arriving. Prepare your things.

Kinu: We can't stay here for much time, we have to go to the Northern Water Tribe.

(The sky bison arrives in the Southern Air Temple. Kinu surprises by the beauty of the Temple.)

Noto: There are visitors in the Temple. They are the Avatar, Aang, and his son, Tenzin.

Kinu: Cool. We will meet the Avatar and his son, Tenzin!

Tinz: Dad, we are going to tour the Temple and see the Avatar, Aang, and Tenzin.

Noto: Okay child, have fun.

(Kinu, Tinz and Li Chung go to where Avatar Aang is.)

Air Acolyte 1: Cool...

Aang: Okay, now go to other places, because I have to be alone time with my son, although whether large.

Tenzin: Dad, you will always be the best dad ever.

Aang: (Sees the boys.) Hi boys, What are your names?

Kinu: Hi, my name's Kinu, and I am from the Southern Water Tribe like my friend, Li Chung. And he's Tinz, an Air Acolyte.

Tinz: Nice to meet you, Avatar Aang and Tenzin, last airbenders.

Tenzin: Do you want to tour the Temple?

Li Chung: Of course! (Li Chung follows Tenzin.)

Aang: Kinu, What are you doing here if you are from far away?

Kinu: We are going to rescue the Tribal chief from a bad boy's band. One of them is a bloodbender.

Aang: Bloodbender! Okay boys, better go with Tenzin. I have to... lie down, please. Bye. (He goes out.)

(Kinu and Tinz go with Tenzin.)

Tenzin: Behind this door, it's the Air Temple Sanctuary, where you can see lots of statues of each Avatar who lived.

Li Chung: Can we enter?

Tenzin: Of course, just give me space. (Li Chung, Kinu and Tinz run aside and Tenzin do airbending to open the door. Suddenly, the door opens.)

Kinu, Tinz and Li Chung: Wow... (They enter to the sanctuary.)

Tinz: So there are lots of statues of each Avatar who lived.

Tenzin: Exactly.

Tinz: And, Where is your father's statue?

Tenzin: It's here, under construction.

Tinz: Wow... (Kinu interrupts.)

Kinu: Noatak!

Noatak: You believed I didn't find you, no?

Kinu: Get out! (He attacks Noatak with waterbending but he stop it.)

Noatak: Hahaha...

Tenzin and Tinz: Who's him?

Li Chung: He's a bloodbender.

Tenzin: Oh no. (He attacks Noatak with Airbending.)

Noatak: Aah! (He hits the wall.) Oh. The latest generation of Airbenders. My father told me about them. (He does Bloodbending to all.)

Tenzin, Tinz, Kinu and Li Chung: Aaargh!

Noatak: Haha... My father would be very happy if seeing this.

Kinu: Please, don't!

Noatak: I don't have compassion! No more love and compassion! (He's interrupted by Aang, who enters to the sanctuary.) What's?

Aang: Stop, Noatak. Yakone's son.

Noatak: Oh no. The Avatar. But you can't beat me! (He does bloodbending to Aang.)

Aang: Aaah! (He closes his eyes and enters into the Avatar State, freeing himself of the bloodbending of Noatak.)

Noatak: What's happening?! (Aang attacks Noatak with earthbending.) Aaah! (The boys are released of his bloodbending. Aang attacks Noatak with firebending. He controls the four elements and it takes Noatak out the window.) Aaah! (He falls into the ocean.)

Aang: (Leaves the Avatar State) Boys, are all okay?

Kinu: Yes, I think. But we have to leave the temple. So that there aren't more problems with Noatak.

Li Chung: You're right.

(Changes the scene to the outsides of the temple, where Aang gives them a boat to continue their travel.)

Aang: Take this boat, it's a gift.

Kinu: Thank you, Avatar.

Mum and Dad of Tinz (Adre and Noto): Nice to meet you, adventurers, and thanks for saving the temple. Take this gift from the Air Acolytes.

Li Chung: You're welcome and thank you.

Kinu: Bye Tinz, we'll see you someday.

Tinz: Bye friends.

(The boat sets sail.)

Kinu: And, What is the gift?

Li Chung: (Opens the gift.) Wow, it's a sword!

Kinu: You can have it. I attack with waterbending, I don't need a sword. (Wets Li Chung.)

Li Chung: Evil, you wet me.

(Finale of the episode.)


Major Characters

  • Kinu
  • Li Chung
  • Tinz (Debut)
  • Tenzin (Debut in the series)
  • Aang (Debut in the series)

Minor Characters

  • Noatak (Antagonist)
  • Adre (Debut)
  • Noto (Debut)
  • Chin (Debut without dialog)

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