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On Ji
On Ji
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Fire Nation



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Hair color

Medium brown

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Chocolate brown

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bow and arrow


Shoji, Yu Yan Archers



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On Ji is a fourteen-year-old girl who ran away with Shoji. She is adept at the bow and arrow and is the newest member of the Yu Yan Archers. Even though another boy, Hide, claims to be her boyfriend, it is shown she utterly denies the fact.


On Ji was born into a wealthy family in the Fire Nation upper ring. Both of her parents worked at the capitol for extended periods of time, leaving her alone in her home. When Shoji's mother discovered this, she offered On Ji a home at their own house.

Shoji's mother took it upon herself to teach On Ji everything she knew about cooking, motherhood, and other things like that. This may be because she had no girls of her own. On Ji greatly appreciated this, for her own mother had no time for her.

After getting to know Shoji better and finding out about his predicament, she realized that the only way for him to be safe was to run away. She accompanied Shoji on his journey.

When On Ji met the Yu Yan Archers, she befriended the youngest, Kai. She soon demonstrated her prowess in archery and became a member of the group. In Second Act, she accepted the name Kaizuh gave her: Miri.


On Ji is at times just a go-with-the-flow kind of person. However, when she has a plan, she will stick by it. She can be stubborn, much to the annoyance of people around her. But usually she is calm, friendly, kind, and full of good will. You could say she has a "heart of gold." She has a soft spot for animals, especially cute, little ones.


On Ji has an assortment of various abilities.


On Ji is an adept archer. She sports an oak bow. It is known that she is a member of the legendary group the Yu Yan Archers. However, she does not travel with them; she chooses to travel with Shoji, who is not a member. It is likely that she is every bit as good as the other archers in the group.


It is shown that On Ji has the ability to contact minds. It is not known if she could contact anyone but Shoji as of yet. It appears that there is some connection between the two of them that allows such an ability.


In Second Act, On Ji appears to Waterbend around the arrow she shoots into the wheels of tanks, freezing the entire tank in the process. However, it is later discovered that it was Kai who actually Waterbended.

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