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On Ember Island, Part 2: The Theater
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April 23, 2011

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Previously on Around the World (Again)

The gang won a tournament on Ember Island. Their reward: free tickets to the double play event and a hundred gold pieces.


The gang goes to the Ember Island Theater to watch the double play event.

On Ember Island Part 2: The Theater

The gang then thanked Kurin for the money and the tickets and letting them compete in the tournament, said good bye, and then went back to their house. They all changed into fancy outfits and then left for the theater thirty minutes after arriving. It was still raining but not nearly as much as before. Katara and Aang created a water shield which stretched out all the way from their house to the theater. They walked under it and once they entered the theater, Aang and Katara let the water shield fall onto the wet floor outside.

The theater's walls were painted red and there was a line to where the ticket booth was. Aang gave everyone their ticket. As the gang waited at the end of the line, they turned to their right and saw a giant poster divided in half. At the very top were the words, DOUBLE PLAY EVENT TONIGHT!!!

And on the left side of the poster was a picture of two girls and her mother with the words 'Legend of Mei Lien' written at near the top. The other half was also divided into two, but the line was horizontal. A picture of the Eastern Air Temple and several Airbending girls was on the top part of the line. The bottom half had a picture of Fire Lord Sozin and a Fire Nation boy. The words "When Air Nomads Walked the Earth" were placed on the line dividing the two pictures of the right side of the poster.

"Next!" the ticket master yelled.

"What?" said Aang, confused. There was a huge gap between the gang and the ticket booth, but there were no people left in front of them. It was there turn to get their tickets or in their case, to give the ticket master their tickets. They walked super fast to the booth and gave the ticket master their tickets, stating that they won it in the tournament.

"Congratulations! Enjoy the plays," said the ticket master, pointing to a door on his right.

"Thanks!" The gang bowed to the ticket master and walked to the door. Unlike the last time they were in the theater, the tickets they won allowed them to sit in the front row seats.

"I'm gonna go get some snacks. Anyone want anything?" asked Sokka.

"Umm.." they all said.

"I'll get six packs of Fire Gummies and six cups of water, " Sokka said. "Oh and some Sizzle-Crisps!" Sokka ran through the door and out the theater. Three minutes later, he came running back with several snacks.

"Did you have enough money to buy that Sokka?" Katara asked.

"Yeah! It turns out that those tickets we won," Sokka held up his ticket. "also allowed us to get as much food as we want!" He gave everyone their food and then after everyone was settled in, the lights dimmed. A light shined on the stage, which had a red curtain on it, as a voice spoke from somewhere in the theater,

"Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the writers of the two plays that we're watching tonight: Kala and Kyrie!" The audience gave a huge round of applause as two young girls walked onto the stage. One had brown hair and hazel eyes.

She was about thirteen years old. The other girl had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes and she too was about thirteen years old. They began to speak,

"Hello everyone! I'm Kala and I'm from the Northern Water Tribe," the girl with dark brown eyes said.

"And I'm Kyrie, from the Earth Kingdom," the hazel eyed girl said.

"Welcome to the double play event! Kyrie and I both wrote these stories that are based off of information we learned at school." Kala said. "Kyrie's story is based on the Avatar before the unnamed Fire Avatar."

"Kala's play is about an Air Nomad girl, Syra, who is living at the Eastern Air Temple and a Firebender boy, Siro. The story takes place before the war," said Kyrie.

"We thank the Ember Island Theater owners for giving us a chance to show our plays to you all, despite our young age." said Kyrie.

"Well, let's get started with Legend of Mei Lien," said Kala and then she and Kyrie walked off the stage as a round of applause was given to them. The red curtain began to rise and behind it was a beautiful background of a sun rising above the mountains. A girl was sleeping on a bed of leaves in a cave.

"Mei Lien, it's morning. Wake up," a women said to the sleeping girl, whose name was Mei Lien. The girl sat up and smiled at the women.

"Mother, what day is it?" Mei Lien asked.

"Day eighty-three since we left home, darling," her mother told her.

The story continued, getting better every single scene. The gang was enjoying the play so much that it was over after what seemed like only two minutes. The red curtains fell on the stage, following a large applause from the audience. Kyrie came back onto the stage and waved at the crowd of clapping people.

"Thank you!" said Kyrie. "I hope you enjoyed the play." Another round of applause came. "So, now we're going to take a five minute intermission. Thanks again for being such a great audience." She walked off the stage as some people began to walk out the door.

"I'm going to get some more food. Any else want anything?" asked Sokka.

"No. we're good," said Aang and Sokka took off to the door. He came back four minutes later with two more bags of Fire Gummies and a huge cup of water.

"Sokka, don't yo-," Katara started but was interputed by Sokka.

"Shhh! Katara, it's about to start," said Sokka and he pointed up at the stage as Kyrie and Kala walked on the stage.

"Welcome back to The Ember Island Theater Double Play Event!" Kala said, a huge smile on her face. "Let's get started with the next play, the one I wrote, Wh-"

"When Air Nomads Walked the Earth!" Kyrie said, which was soon followed by another round of appalace as the two girls walked off the stage and the red curtain began to rise.

The Fire Lord's room appeared behind the curtain. An actor was playing Fire Lord Sozin and there were other actors in the room, playing generals and war ministers.

"Time is passing by quickly and the day in which the great comet is to arrive is approaching closer and closer," Sozin said. "The massive armies and invasion force are being organized and trained in await for that day."

That is wonderful to hear, Your Majesty," A general replied. "The Air Nomads may be a great nation, but they will never stand a chance against thousands of soldiers with tremendously enhanced Firebending!"

Aang felt anger flowing through his body. We would be able to defend ourselves and send you back to the Fire Nation if you hadn't ambushed us! He thought angrily. But then he remembered that the Fire Nation was no longer like this. They were a peaceful nation now. So Aang let got of his anger and continued to watch the play along with the rest of the people sitting in the room.

"No, they will not," The actor Sozin agreed. "They haven't got a formal military in the first place. And this is a battle which cannot be lost. The Avatar must be killed and our victory must be secured! The Avatar is the only one who can stop the Fire Nation from winning the war we are about to wage with the other nations. He must be eliminated!"

As the play continued, Aang felt a surge of anger hit him every once and a while, but he always let it go, thinking of how the world was right now, in a peaceful condition. Every scene in the play got better and better.

Just like with Legend of Mei Lien, the gang felt that When Air Nomads Walked the Earth ended much too fast. Most of the gang, like the whole audience who clapped louder than ever as the curtains fell, loved the play a lot. Though Aang had mixed feelings about it. It was a really good story, but it reminded him of the Air Nomads and how he missed them so much. He started to feel very sad, but didn't share this with the gang.

After clapping for Kala and Kyrie, the gang left the theater for their home talking happily except Aang. Each person entered own rooms and laid down on their beds, the play's ending still fresh in Aang's mind.

Author's Note

I used Legend of Mei Lien and When Air Nomads Walked the Earth as the two plays that were in the double play event. Why? It's not because I'm singling out other fanons, but because the authors of the two fanons are my editors and I saw this as a chance to reward them for all the help they give to this fanon. And so, the two authors of the plays are based on Sky (Kyrie) and Ultimate (Kala). I used the information found on their user page to describe them. I have another editor though, so you may be wondering; why didn't you put her fanon in this? It's because Renatabls deleted her fanon and has yet to start her new one. I know that the people in the Avatar World write in Chinese, but I put the words that are on signs/posters in English because I don't know how to put the words in Chinese. I hope you all enjoyed this chapter

- Aang20791 Talk Fanon Aang DOBS Sprite 17:30, April 23, 2011 (UTC)


  • The quotes from the fanons used in this play can be found in the prologues of both fanons. See here and here.

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