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On Board is the second chapter of Book 1- Air, and The War After.


With their new friend Qiang, Team Avatar sets out on a journey to find the mysterious evil man, Meng who attacked Zuko. While searching they meet with a lion turtle, the same one that Aang met before. He came to teach Aang the true energybending... Space, Distortion, and Time. Read for more.


Once they got on the ship the team went straight to the cabins as they had a long day.

Aang had his own room, Katara and Sokka shared, and Toph was stuck with Qiang, who fortunately got along with each other.

The next morning the group sees a GIANT Island towards the ship. Aang then recognizing the island, stops the ship and the island speaks.

"I have come in your time of need so, you can beat Meng, the misguided one. I would like you to meet some old friends..." Aang replied "Who?" "The Air Nomads."
Aang with Lion Turtle

Lion Turtle

"What, DO YOU WANT TO KILL ME!?" said Aang who frightfully stepped back.

"No. I am going to show you something. Hop aboard my back. All of you kids. Iroh, I will take care of them. If Meng tries to get on me... he'll be gone and he knows it."

Team Avatar then boarded the lion turtle.

After ten minutes the great beast stopped its strong swimming near an island with few trees. It was too small to support people, yet big enough to stand on and the beast signaled for Aang to come.

Aang got on the island and asked what he needed.

He asked Aang about his energybending. "How much are you using it? What for?"

"I only used it once so far. That was to take the Fire Lord's Firebending."


"I have a few lessons for you then young Avatar. I'll teach them to you at a later time. Now is not right."

"What don't I know? Can't you only take away bending and give information?"

"The full potential of Energybending is so powerful the spirits banned it," was the answer.

Aang got back on the Lion Turtle and they swam to another island then rested until the next day when Aang got on another island a little bigger than the last.

I will teach you a part now." the mighty beast neared a hill on the island and placed Aang on it, then he said "To take away bending also comes with giving away bending powers." He placed his thumbs on Aang's arms and said "You know now. Go test it on Sokka."
Aang and Lion Turtle



Aang walked to Sokka and asked if he wanted to bend.

"Are you kidding! Is this a joke?"

"No, Sokka, I'm serious."

Aang said, "How about water?"


Aang repeated the process the lion turtle used and thought Water.

Aang told Sokka to lift his arms up slowly; HE was bending! Sokka was now a bender!

After a few days rest the team made a routine.

Later that night they ran out of wood. They sent Toph and Qiang to find some.

After a while Qiang approached a tree and bent it into a week's worth of fire wood.

HE was a wood bender! Toph complimented him after he planted another tree in its place.
Toph plots her revenge

Impressed Toph

They told the rest of the team and Sokka remarked "Now we can escape from wood prisons too!"

They all agreed to that comment.

After hard days of similar training Aang was ready for the next part of energy.


Once again the lion turtle went to a hill to teach Aang.

"Here you will learn to distort Space. Watch and learn."

This time though he put his paws together and pushed them forward. Then he separated them and an enormous hole appeared. The he put his paws together again and pulled back them and the hole disappeared.

He said "Space separate" and pointed at a tree.

He separated his fingers and the tree split apart. Then he said "Space sew together and put them together. He taught Aang to do the same.

Then it was time to learn time.

They went back to the hill and the turtle separated a tree.

He said "Time Rewind to a minute ago"

And the tree was back together! They went back in time. Aang tried but failed.

One day he got up out of bed and said "Time rewind to an hour ago." It worked!

Aang used his skills everyday now.

He could slow time, fast forward it, and freeze it!

He still needed to learn to go through it over years of time.

However for that they needed distortion.

The lion turtle then taught him the art.

It wasn't mastered for a whole year!

Meanwhile Toph and Qiang taught each other their skills.

Qiang taught wood bending and Toph taught metal.

They were a perfect pair.

Katara taught Sokka water bending but not enough to pass her.

Everybody was happy.

BUT they still knew there mission. Zuko wondered about back home along with the others.


Then one day the lion turtle told them to get on an island they were near.

It was in the mountains. He told Aang to go back through time and grab 10 nomads. 5 male, 5 female if he wanted to see friends. Make sure they were a couple except the last 4 nomads.

They would teach the kids.

Aang did so and got the 10 nomads to the future. He told them to grab their things and go with him.

They did so and 2 of them went to each temple except the Western temple. The 4 monks would live there.

They were told to bring a boy and girl sky bison as well.

They had to give their first child up and they could keep the rest if they wanted to.

After one went away they needed a boy or girl to be a monk.

Soon they would repopulate the tribe.

Aang had saved his people without really fighting the genocide.

The lion turtle said that no nation shall be abolished if there is an energy bender nearby.

Find out more in the next chapter of The War After!

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