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Southern Air Temple


Southern Air Temple


Southern Air Temple

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Ogguk, Auknak, Innuna

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Omong was an Air Nomad from the Southern Air Temple, and the Airbending teacher of Avatar Ogguk, later helping him restore the Avatar Cycle. Following his death, he was remembered by the Air Nomads until the Air Nomad Genocide, where his name was lost to history.


Omong was born and raised at the Southern Air Temple. Yomong lived in a time of spiritual enlightenment among the Air Nomads, where young airbenders would often master airbending faster than the previous generations had. Through strict meditation, Omong became very well versed in spiritual matters, and even began practising in the art of Mindbending.

Omong mastered airbending by the age of nineteen, and because of his spiritual knowledge and practices, he was sent to the Southern Water Tribe to serve the new Avatar, Ogguk. Omong was tasked with training Ogguk to master his Avatar State while he mastered the elements, and would eventually become Ogguk's airbending teacher. Omong and Ogguk bonded over the fact that they were young and inexperienced. Omong accompanied Ogguk to the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation, and made friends from both these nations.

While living in the Southern Tribe to train Ogguk in Mindbending, Yomong befriended a waterbender named Auknak, and was introduced to his sister Innuna. Omong would later marry Innuna, and would have three children with her, all of whom were waterbenders.

Omong spent the last few years of his life at the Southern Temple, having outlived Innuna. He past his wisdom down to many young airbenders, and was even remembered by the Air Nomads until Guru Laghima became far more influential in his teachings.

Omong's name was still remembered up until the Air Nomad Genocide, however his teachings were long forgotten.



Omong was an airbending master, proficient enough to train the Avatar in airbending over other, more experienced airbending masters.


Omong possessed the rare ability to mindbend, a skill only held by the arts of airbending and energybending, which had since become lost since the time of Avatar Wan. Using mindbending, Omong was able to control the emotions of others, enabling positive emotions to appear.

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