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Biographical information



Air Nomads

Birth place

Wende Air Temple, Ak


Wende Air Temple




October 27th

Physical description





120 lbs

Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Air, Water*, Earth*, Fire*

Bending style(s)

Avatar - not fully aware.


Desta (sister)


The Dimani Empire

Chronological and political information

Air Nomads


Desta, Kunnaq

First appearance


Omolara is a character in the fanon Legacy. She is also the main character. A native of the Wende Air Temples, an African-inspired culture of Air Nomads, she is the third predecessor of Avatar Korra.


The second and last child born to Amaka and Matata, two gifted Air Nomads, she was sent to live and learn at the Wende Air Temples, at the age of three. By the time she was six, she was considerably gifted enough to receive her tattoos early. At that time, it was discovered that she could bend all four elements, and she made a show of it. Of course, by this time, anyone who claimed to be the Avatar would be marked for death by the The Empire. After some talks with the few remaining members of the The Order of the White Lotus, it was decided that she would be trained in secret, starting on her fourteenth birthday.


Quiet and painfully shy, Omolara is far more withdrawn than her past incarnations. Because of that, she feels that she won't be as brave or good like them. When she was younger, the idea of bending not just one, but four, excited her. But now that she's at the cusp of adulthood, she can finally grasp the severity of her situation. She wants to be brave, like Aang and the Avatars before her, but she's afraid that she will fail. She tries to put on a face of determination and strength, but on the inside, she's scared. And not of just of the Dimani Empire, but of the fact that what she does in this lifetime can effect the world for years to come.

Other than that, she's a surprisingly sweet and personable girl with a love for paper crafts and rice crackers. While she may be shy, she is particularly forgiving when it comes to someone trying to insult or harm her or her friends. She is shy, but definitely not patient.


Like most people from Ak, she has deep brown skin and thick, dark hair. Mostly worn in locs that are woven tightly against her head. She decorates her hair with colorful beads and jewels and wears a kanga, an outfit similar to a sari, in various colors and shades. Usually she will wear some type of footwear, like a pair of sandals, or mukluks if she's in the colder regions of the world. But usually, she is barefoot. Like all Air Nomads in their teen and adult years, she has tattoos located on her forearms, back, calves, thighs, and forehead.


  • The culture of the Wende people are based on Ethiopia and Ghana.
  • The two Avatars that precede Omolara are Yoruban (Earth Kingdom) and East Indian (Fire Nation)
  • Oya, Omolara's nickname, is also the name of Oya-Iyansan. The Yoruban/Santierian goddess of Fire, Magic, and Wind.
  • Eternal Memories by Crystal Kay is Omolara's theme song.

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