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Previously, On Next Generations

Newsman : "Bad news for Avatar Aang - Yesterday, King Bumi suffered deadly illness and passed!".

After they went into Omashu, Zhao said to Roy Dest : "Okay Roy, go and do whatever you want to do".

Chapter 4 : Omashu Without Bumi

Zhao was really tired from traveling so he couldn't move or plan the whole day, but to use his time well, he saw a Firebending show from Jong Kong, and an Earthbending show from Fu Gan.

In the same time, Katara City was fully built and some people from the Northern Water Tribe arrived at the South Pole and settled in both City Of Sokka and Katara City.

The next day...

Zuko : "I want to leave now guys, I'm really proud of the new cities. I want to go and meet my uncle, didn't see him for four years"

Katara : "Do whatever you please. Me and Sokka will just stay here and be the mayors"

Aang : "Sorry Katara, but I'll have to go with Zuko"

Katara : "Why is that ?"

Sokka : "Yeah, Why ? You have to make a show to entertain my people!"

Katara : "Sokka!!"

Aang : "I want to stop in Omashu, I want to see how's the city doing without Bumi. I want to visit Toph who moved to the city as well"

Katara : "Okay, but don't leave us for a long time"

Aang : "I'm afraid I can't, I have to build a new settlement in the Earth Kingdom. Zuko will help me, right Zuko ?"

Zuko : "Right, to the east from Omashu there's a wide non-settled place where we can build a new city"

Sokka : "So you'll be doing Earthbelding ?"

Aang : "I like that, Earth-building. Yes, and maybe Toph can teach me how to bend Metal"

Katara : "Okay, go on, good luck in Metalbending"

Aang : "Thank you, your Mayor-ness. Lets go, Your majesty"

Zuko : "Lets go"

Zuko went to Ba Sing Se on his airship while Aang went to Omashu on Appa.

When Aang arrived, city guards welcomed him and Appa : "The hero of the war, the defeater of the Fire Nation, Avatar Aang. You and your bison are welcomed warmly in our city of Omashu!"

Aang : "Thank you"

Aang pays for a man to keep eyes on Appa, feed him and give him water. Then he travels on foot around Omashu, while he's traveling, he sees a new big building has a sign on its entrance : Toph Bei Fong's School of Metalbending

He walks in and finds Toph teaching kids to bend Metal.

Aang : "Toph!"

Toph : "Aang, what are you doing here ?"

Aang : "I kinda want to learn Metalbending"

Toph : "Great, come back here in two hours"

Aang : "Okay, no problem"

Aang continues to walk around Omashu, then a man pops in and says "The Avatar! Oh my god! I met the Avatar!"

Aang : "Hi there, what's your name ?"

The man : "My name is Kodo Modo, I host many festivals at my big house yard"

Aang : "Cool, I have a question for you"

Kodo Modo : "I'm the Avatar's assistant now! The Avatar wants me to answer him! How great is this!! Ask your question"

Aang : "Well, you look so excited, so I'll have two questions. The first - Who's the new king after Bumi's death ? and the second - What's so exciting ?"

Kodo Modo : "Our traditions here are to keep the city without a king for one month when the king dies, and the period is extended to three months if the king dies in war. I'm sorry for my excitement but I always dreamed of inviting the Avatar to make an Airbending festival, will you agree ?"

Aang : "Well, I have two free hours now so I can make a show in the next two hours but.."

Kodo Modo stops him : "Great, come and make it now!"

Aang : "Okay!"

Kodo Modo walks with Aang to his house yard and on the way he invites thirty people to be audience, when they arrive, Aang starts Airbending colors and making air scooter and much more Airbending tricks while Kodo Modo collects money from the audience, then Kodo Modo asks Aang to use other bending skills than air, so Aang juggles with fireballs, then with snowballs (Kodo Modo brings some water), and he puts fire and water together to make a big cloud of smoke and uses Airbending to remove some smoke writing Thank you with smoke.

After the show, Kodo Modo thanked Aang very much, and gave him a gold coin as a reward.

As the time flew away, Aang hurried to Toph's school and he arrived in time.

Toph : "Okay, twinkle toes. First, you'll have to feel the remaining earth in the metal..."

While Toph was teaching Aang, the Old Glory Gang were planning.

Zhao : "Okay members, the Fire Nation is no way safe for us. We'll have to gain allies. We can travel south to a small town named Plains Village. We can go there and capture the village. I heard villagers there have a bunch of Earthbenders who were supposed to protect them from the Fire Nation but they are a bunch of thugs who steal the villagers. We can control them and rule that town which will make our new, bigger base"

Fu Gan : "Exceptional! I was there one time, the Earthbenders are just bully cowards, they appear mighty but when I yelled at them and threatened them they apologized and gave me money"

Jong Kong : "Great. one fire ball and they are all our slaves!"

Hiku : "We go to there when ?"

Zhao : "Tomorrow. It's our first and maybe the easiest mission. We'll just fly and stop low in the air. Hiku jumps down and fights with his sword, Fu Gan bends the earth while in the airship, and me and Jong Kong will burn the people from up here. Agree ?"

Fu Gan : "Exceptional plan!"

Hiku : "Agree I do"

Jong Kong : "Tomorrow, the rise of the OGG. Defiantly agree"

Zhao : "Very good"

After four long, constitutive, heavy work hours, Toph managed to teach Aang how to bend metal and some techniques of Metalbending.

Toph : "Congratulations Aang, you're the first student who masters Metalbending!"

Aang : "Thank you, teacher"

Aang found out later that day that Bumi named someone to be his successor as Omashu king, an Earthbending master and also a master in neutral jing named Hing-Lu.

Aang ran to meet Hing-Lu, he met him at his house.

Aang : "So tell me Hing-Lu, how did you meet king Bumi ?"

Hing-Lu : "If you know a guy named Kodo Modo, he invited me once to an Earthbending competition which I won. One of the audience was king Bumi, he congratulated me and told me You are very impressing! You're my successor! You're the next generation king! then he started to laugh and snort like a mad lunatic"

Aang laughed then said : "Bumi seems mentally sick but he's a genius!"

Hing-Lu : "Yes he is. I just hope Omashu will do okay without him"

Aang : "Yes.. I hope that too"

Aang left and the sun was starting to go away, so he payed the Appa caretaker once more to make a room for him to sleep in his house and to let Appa sleep where he is now. When he was paying the man, he was seen by Roy Dest, who thought Well, well, well. The Avatar is here, that would reduce the transportation fees, and would kill him faster.

Katara and Sokka were pleased with their new mayor roles and Hakoda was proud of them.


  • Originally, Bei Fong family were supposed to stay in Gaoling, but they were "moved" to Omashu to make Aang and Toph's meeting faster as well as to reduce the number of chapters.

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