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Fun In Omashu

It was the morning after the celebration in Omashu. The citizens walked around the city in a slow way. Their faces looked very tired from the previous night. The group was also tired. A group of royal guards walked up to the group and escorted them to a new house for them. The team slept for hours and when they finally woke up, it was noon. Toph was especially tired. However, the rest of the team managed to get up and prepare for the day. This was the day that the team was going to talk to King Bumi about the Saviors and how he must secure the path to Ba Sing Se with his guards. As Aang had said the past night, Bumi was at his house, but Bumi was actually out celebrating with his citizens too!

So the entire group did all there necessary requirements and left to the Omashu Royal Palace. Shiungi was interested in everything she saw in the city since she had never been to a major Earth Kingdom city before. Mai who had previously lived there, knew Omashu like spelling her name. Ty lee had also visited Omashu with Azula. Toph, was also amazed since she'd never been to this city before either.

The group walked up to the peak of the city, where the Royal Palace was located. The were greeted by Bumi's guards and aloud to walk in. Bumi was also happy to see them at Omashu. They conversed and laughed and had fun. Though unfortunally, the group would now have to get serious with Bumi. "Bumi, a rebel organization named the Saviors of Fire were planning to kill Zuko. However, they already captured the Fire Nation Capital and by now have freed Ozai. When Ozai is appointed to Phoenix King, he will once again try to burn the Earth Kingdom down with his airships. We need to secure the path to Ba Sing Se and protect Omashu. However we don't know if the airships will burn Omashu down" explained Aang. "Thank you for the advise Aang, if it wasn't for you then I wouldn't know any of this. Now I promise to secure the path to Ba Sing Se and I will send a messenger to Earth King Kuei about all this and he will also command troops from Ba Sing Se to gaurd the shore" said Bumi. The group was happy that they were all on the same page. So they decided to have a little fun in Omashu for a couple of days of thh Earth King was going to guard the Earth Kingdom shore and Bumi was going to guard Omashu and the path to Ba Sing Se.

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