Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Omashu Tales in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Omashu Tales
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Avatar: The Last Airbender


This fanon will be continued soon...

Oma and Shu were born in two different villages. They loved each other. But, the two villages are enemies so they couldn't contact each other. But they made a cave where they can meet secretly. And the legends are still alive until now.


Oma and Shu were born in two different villages, separated by war. But they loved each other and met secretly in a cave using their bending, taught to them by the badgermoles. Until now, the legends are still alive and a city named Omashu was still living on.


  • Oma
  • Shu
  • Badgermole
  • Villagers from Oma's village.
  • Villagers from Shu's village.
  • Helping Characters


Earth Kingdom emblem EARTH Earth Kingdom emblem

No. Chapter Name Release Date Summary
01 Oma and Shu May 24 2013 The villages between the newborn babies are enemies. Oma and Shu met accidentally in the war.
02 The Young Tales May 25 2013 Oma and Shu write their tales and their feelings because of what happen between them and what did they feel about their parents.
03 The Historical Escape May 25 2013 Oma and Shu escaped because of what their parents said. They met and traveled the world.
04 First Kiss May 25 2013 Oma and Shu kissed for the first time. And their first kiss is the giant round stone in their tombs now.
05 Oma's Strength May 26 2013 Oma is kidnapped and she earthbends for the first time.
06 Oma and Shu's Big Mistake May 27 2013 Oma and Shu meditates on the summer solstice and they accidentally went to the Spirit World and met Koh.
07 Oma and Shu's Training May 27 2013 Oma and Shu learn earthbending from the badgermoles and they mastered it at the age of 12.
08 The Two Villages History May 28 2013 Shu told Oma the history between the villages and Oma broke up with Shu because her precious necklace is stolen by Shu.
09 The Necklace May 29 2013 Oma will take her necklace back. Shu did bad things such as killing to Oma's family.
10 You Will Be My Hero May 30 2013 Oma used her signature metal-earth style to defeat Shu and his family while Shu trained harder than anybody else. Who will win?

Water Tribe emblem WATER Water Tribe emblem

No. Chapter Name Release Date Summary
01 Journey to the North May 30 2013 Oma went to the North Pole and leaves her parents. Will she arrived in the Northern Water Tribe safely?
02 A New Life With The Snow May 31 2013 Oma met Kyon and Palloe. She made a new life and met a gay. She named him Gohha.
03 Melting Ice May 31 2013 A volcano is erupting in the Northern Pole. Shu is the troublemaker. Will Oma, Palloe, and Kyon save the city or will it destroy the city and they build the new city?
04 The Northern Aurora June 1 2013 The rare aurora is coming to the Northern Water Tribe. But Shu appeared and fought Oma. Will Oma enjoys her aurora or will she dreamed that she is with the aurora?

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