By Waterkai and Vaznock Part of the Kyoshi Revolts continuity.
Omashu Rebels
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Rebel against the Fire Nation, free, serve, and protect Omashu

The Omashu Rebels were an organization of men and women who originally banned together to liberate Omashu, but later chose to defend Omashu from the inevitable day where the Fire Nation would try to recapture it. The rebellion ended when their leader, Onsungi, was defeated by Fire Lord Azula, causing the rest of them to fail in the battle and get killed.



The Omashu Rebels were formed by Onsungi, a strong, fierce Earthbending woman who wanted to save Omashu from the recent clutches of the Fire Nation. She trained an elite group of volunteers, and turned even the worst warriors into strong, fierce men. Coinciding with the Murder at the Boiling Rock, Onsungi marched her rebels into the city. Much to her surprise, however, she found out that Bumi had already liberated the city. Onsungi, however, knew Ozai and Azula would not let the city stay under Earth Kingdom rule, and trained and prepared her soldiers for the day the battle would happen.

Great Battle for Omashu

On the day the Fire Nation tried to recapture Omashu, Onsungi gave her soldiers a quick speech, and thought up a strategy with Yung; if his men die, then the rebels will take the operation over. Fire Lord Azula killed many of the men during her airborne attack, but all of the rebels survived. After the Fire Nation performed the rest of their invasion on land, Onsungi realized it was time, and she and her men snuck past the city's outer limits to find an uninhabited Fire Nation airship. The rebels hijacked the airship, and Onsungi got ready to steer the airship into Azula's army, as she was the only rebel who knew how to properly control one. If they had done this, the rebels would of won the battle for Omashu.


The rebels' plan was soon cut short by a pursuing Azula. Azula challenged Onsungi to a duel to the death, to which Onsungi accepted. Azula easily gained the upper hand in their battle, but Onsungi surprisingly stood her ground. Azula, however, was finally able to defeat her by zapping lightning at her chest. Their leader killed, the rebels had one last hope of retaliating by killing Azula. Azula escaped, however, and the airship crashed into the abyss between the city and the regular ground, killing the rest of the rebels.

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