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By The avatar Part of the Avatar: The Old Kingdom continuity.
Omashu Kingdom
Physical information

Omashu, Si Wong Desert



Form of Government


Head of State



Omashu Yuan

The Omashu Kingdom is a kingdom of earthbenders in the Central Earth Continent.


The Kingdom was established mainly in the Kolau mountain range, but as their population grew, so did the empire. After a brief war with the Si Wong Sultanate they took control over the vast Si Wong Desert, while the Sultanate still claims the land as its own.


It's mainly in the Central Earth Kingdom with some islands around the immediate area.


The Kingdom is headed by a King, and his royal Advisers.

Foreign Relations

The Omashu Kingdom has borders with nearly every nation on the continent and is well versed in diplomatic ventures. They are closely allied to the Sky Confederacy, and after a raid from the Song Kingdom, they helped them and the Khmer tribes in waging war against the nation.

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