Crash in Omashu
Omashu Attacked Part 2
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Avatar: Guardian





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The Bos


The Bos

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May 28, 2010

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Omashu Attacked Part 2 is the thirty first chapter of Avatar: Guardian.


After the Dai Li have attacked Omashu, Team Avatar arrives to help repel them.


The Bandit's Battle

Toph is running around the perimeter of the city. She wonders how she got stuck on the lower level, since she wouldn't be able to tell if an agent is thrown from an upper level. She continues running and eventually feels her feet touch a cool, slick surface. She grins when she hears and feels three agents land behind her.

"Come here, girl. We won't hurt you" one of the agents says, and almost silently adds "Much." He quickly sends a boulder at her. Toph ducks and puts her hand on the metal on the ground. The metal twists and covers her entire arm. Toph then turns and sends a torrent of land at the three agents causing them to scatter. When one lands near her, Toph spins and punches him in the stomach with her metal arm, sending him flying into the wall. Toph sends the metal around her arm at him, covering him and pinning him to the wall. Toph then turns and runs into the metal covered part of the city.

When she stops, she remembers that this is the area in which she trained Bumi. She smirks and resumes running.

When the agents finally have lost sight of her, they stop and look around. They hear a massive screeching sound as the metal under them twists into a massive dome that forces the agents into the sky. Toph then emerges from the ground, covered in metal. The agents land and scan the area, looking for earth to bend. Toph senses their distress and taunts them. "Come here guys, I won't hurt you. Much!"

The agents use their rock gloves to try and strike at Toph, but the bullets are rendered ineffective with her armor. The agents glance at each other with looks of fear that the blind Earthbender is unaware of. When they turn to look back at her, she has already begun charging towards them. They are unable to get out of her way before she catches them by the fronts of their robes and slams them to the ground. They try to move, but the metal armor quickly pins them to the ground. "That wasn't so bad was it?" Toph adds with a smirk.

She gets up as she feels a massive crash at the top of the city. Toph knows that this can't be good and she propels herself up the city.

Encountering the leader

Aang gets off his glider at the top of the city, scanning the area for agents. They quickly find him, and begin their attack. Aang dodges a rock fist thrown by an agent and sends a compressed air ball at the agent. He slides to the side and is met by a massive gust of wind created by the Avatar. He is thrown back a large distance, but remains on his feet.

"If you hadn't taken us out of power in Ba Sing Se, none of this would have had to happen!" one agent screams.

"Then this must all be worth it." Aang mutters as he braces for another attack.

The agents do not fail to deliver. They attack with a massive number of bullets which Aang is able to deflect with a swipe of air. He uses his staff to send slashes of air at the agents, who raise an earth wall to disperse them. They are shocked when the earth wall is sent back into the ground and a fire blast emerges from behind it. The agents are forced to retreat, and Aang thinks he has peace for the moment.

This was disproven by a massive crashing sound from behind him. He spins around to find Long Feng destroying the pillars of the city's palace.

"What are you doing?" Aang asks forcefully.

"I'm ensuring my victory!" The leader retorts, sending a column of the palace towards Aang as an attack. Aang crushes the column and forms a vortex around Long Feng, throwing him out of the door of the palace. He gets up, fuming with anger to be hit in the back with a ball of ice. He turns to see Katara and Sokka running up towards the palace door. Sokka's sword is drawn and Katara condenses water from the air, ready for battle. He is then sunk into the ground, only to find a young, blind girl to be the culprit.

"Ganging up on me, I see?" Long Feng mutters. He uses his own Earthbending to jump out of the ground, narrowly avoiding the fire blast sent from the newly arrived Fire Lord followed by his elderly uncle. The King of Omashu and his apprentice followed shortly after.

"No, just hunting a fugitive." Iroh notes, assuming a prepared stance.

Long Feng glances quickly around, calculating his options. He creates an earth pillar to raise himself to the ceiling, where he sends massive sections of the roof at the team. Bumi and Aang deflect the sections, and Zuko uses a fire whip to knock Long Feng off of the roof. He falls and uses the momentum to create a shock wave that knocks everyone off balance. He rides earth past the team while they are unable to attack him.

Once their balance is regained, Aang, Toph, Zuko, Iroh, and Bumi all launch attacks at him, but they all miss and Long Feng manages to escape. Aang gets on his glider and tries to follow him, but Long Feng vanished after he got to the base of the city. Aang arrives back at the palace and the rest of the group knows that Long Feng escaped.

"Don't worry Aang, we'll get him next time." says Katara, walking up to him and giving him a light kiss on the cheek.

"I know." Aang replies, holding her tightly.

Zuko preparing to confront Team Avatar

"Uncle, where is my mother?"

"Even the best tea tastes bitter at first. It takes time for it to get just perfect." Iroh says, calmly thinking about his tea shop.

"Uncle, where is my mother?" Zuko asks his uncle in a stern, serious tone.

"Here." says a calm voice that no one but four people in the entire room recognized.

Production Information

This chapter was begun early before it was published. It was, in large part, finished before most of the earlier chapters of Book 2. This chapter and its prequel were initially written as one large chapter, but was split into two by The Bos, who believed that this one chapter was too long, topping the previous record set by Counterstrike.


In early drafts of this chapter, the character's individual escapades in Omashu were written in a similar style to that of "The Tales of Ba Sing Se", having nothing more than the main characters appearing in that vignette before beginning the content. Eventually that idea stayed on, but the titles became more creative. The character's stories also eventually intersect Aang's story.

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