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Omashu Attacked Part 1
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The Bos

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May 28, 2010

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Omashu Attacked is the thirtieth chapter of Avatar: Guardian.


After the Dai Li have attacked Omashu, Team Avatar arrives to help repel them.


The Fire Lord's dilemma

Zuko battled his way through many Dai Li agents ascending throughout the city when he saw fire blasts coming from a level above from him. He figured Aang could use some help, and propelled himself up to the level, only to be shocked to find his Uncle dueling the agents. Zuko sends an arc of fire that knocks back several agents and Iroh throws another over the ledge.

"Welcome to Omashu, Fire Lord Zuko" Iroh says with a grin.

Zuko is shocked. "Uncle, what are you doing here?"

"I'm visiting an old friend. Your mother says hi."

Zuko completely zones out. "Wha..."

"Zuko, look out!" A Dai Li agent fired an open palmed rock glove at Zuko, and he was unable to stop it. As he fell, Iroh sent a massive fire blast at the agent, forcing him to jump off of the ledge of the city to avoid it. Zuko gets up and looks over the edge, only to see the agent clinging to the wall. Zuko propels himself down to the agent's level and sends a fire blast at him, causing him to fall to his doom. He gets back to the ledge with Iroh to find out more about his mother.

"Uncle, where is she?"

"Now is not the time for you to know. I will tell you as soon as we defeat the invaders."

"But Uncle... I need-"

"No, Zuko. You have a larger duty to the world than you have to your mother. She can wait until it is safe to see her." Zuko reluctantly agrees, and launches a combined assault against a mass of advancing Dai Li with his uncle.

The agents raise an earth wall to try and prevent the attack, but the wall is shattered. Zuko and his uncle glance briefly at each other, before beginning the Dancing Dragon. The agents are overwhelmed by this technique, and some flee rather than trying to stop it. The column of fire they create when they finish knocks the agents to the ground. Iroh stomps on the ground, and a ring of fire spreads from his foot towards the Dai Li. Some manage to bury themselves in the earth and tunnel away, but two are burned and unable to move.

"Let's see if the others need help." Zuko says before racing off to help the rest of the team, closely followed by his uncle.

Master and Apprentice

On the other side of the city, Cheng sends a boulder at a Dai Li agent with his back turned. The agent is knocked down, but sinks into the earth he falls onto. Cheng looks around, startled before being pulled back by a strong grip. The Dai Li agent used his gloves to begin pulling Cheng closer, into rock spikes raised from the ground. Before Cheng makes contact with them, they miraculously shatter, as do the rock gloves. The agent is nearly crushed by a massive boulder thrown from the next tier of the city. The agent barely makes it out alive, and looks up to see a one hundred year old man sliding down the mail system and stopping next to Cheng.

Bumi earthbends

Bumi creates a torrent of land

"You've been doing well so far, but you just need a little more of..." Bumi stomps on the ground and thrusts his palms forward, sending a massive torrent of land at the lone Dai Li agent, who is unable to stop it. "That. Other than that, good job. Now, back to the palace. I sense we will be needed up there shortly. You do remember how to jump correctly, I suppose?"

"Certainly, master." Cheng says with a grin.

"Alrighty then, let's go!" Bumi crouches down and rockets up, being thrust into the air by the very ground he stood upon. Cheng followed suit, and the two raced up the side of Omashu.

Water Power

Sokka and Katara manage to find a group of Dai Li agents trying to take a mail tower. Sokka throws his boomerang from afar before charging into battle.

"There they are!" One of the agents notices before sending one of his rock gloves at Sokka and the other at Katara. Sokka crushes his with his sword and Katara catches hers with her water before throwing it off the side of the city. A second Dai Li agent sends a wave of land at Sokka, who manages to jump over it and swipe his sword at the agent, slicing off part of his hat. The agent quickly responds with another land wave, hitting Sokka square in the chest and knocking him far back.

Katara uses a water whip to push the agent off the side of the city, but he manages to catch himself. She condenses water from around her and sends the water as a blast at another agent, freezing him to the city's wall. The last agent pushes Sokka off the edge of the city, and Sokka begins falling. Katara manages to send a water whip and catches him by the foot and wrapping the water around his leg.

Katara fighting Mai

Katara attacks the Dai Li agent

"Katara! Help!" Sokka screams.

"Just hold on! I'll get you up in a second!"

"Just make sure that second is before I plummet to my doom please!" Katara begins pulling the water up, bringing Sokka along with it. She turns to see the agent moving closer to her, about to send a rock glove into her face. At that moment, a flash in the sky appears and the agent collapses. Katara is shocked, but continues pulling Sokka up.

"What knocked him out?" Katara asks while looking around.

Sokka, back on the surface of the city again, kneels down and picks up his boomerang. "Look what came back!" The Omashu guards arrived shortly after and apprehended the Dai Li agents. The guards thank them, but a loud crash at the top of the city forces the congratulations to be cut short.

"What was that?" asked Sokka.

"I don't know, but it sounded bad. You kids would be of more use up there than any number of us would, so get going!" He uses Earthbending to summon a large mail cart and prompts the kids to get inside. "Let's go!" He forces the cart on its way up the tracks.

"Okay, I guess we're going to the Royal Palace." Sokka notes on their way up.

Production Information

This chapter was begun early before it was published. It was, in large part, finished before most of the earlier chapters of Book 2. This chapter and its sequel were initially written as one large chapter, but was split into two by The Bos, who believed that this one chapter was too long, topping the previous record set by Counterstrike.


In early drafts of this chapter, the character's individual escapades in Omashu were written in a similar style to that of "The Tales of Ba Sing Se", having nothing more than the main characters appearing in that vignette before beginning the content. Eventually that idea stayed on, but the titles became more creative. The character's stories also eventually intersect Aang's story.

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