Omashu-The City of Love
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The Legend of Kuruk





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16 February 2013

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A Day in the North Part 2

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Rough Earth

"Ah,Omashu is here." Kuruk said while looking at the magnificent city."So what is the history of Omashu?"

A sailor said, "According to the legends, there were two villages in war. A large mountain stood in the centre dividing the villages. In one village there was a man named Shu and a woman named Oma. They fell in love with each other but could not meet because of the war. So they discovered that beneath the mountain there lived a large colony of badgermoles who could bend the earth around them. They learned this art and created a labyrinth so that they could meet one another without anyone noticing. But one day after Shu did not come to meet Oma she heard that he was dead. In her rage she could have destroyed the two villages but instead declared that the war over. So she along with people from both the villages created a beautiful city and named it Omashu. That's why it is called Omashu -The City of Love." the sailor finished.

"The City of Love." Kuruk repeated.

Suddenly the captain shouted, "We are here. At the harbour of Omashu!"

Kuruk walked with awe admiring the work of a single earthbender and a hundred non benders. He was followed by at least 20 waterbenders and warriors who were there to protect him.

"That is the palace. Over there." a citizen said.

The small force and the Avatar climbed the steep hill. Once they reached there thee guards bowed and let them enter.

"Welcome." said a man politely. "Welcome to the palace."

"Hey you! Stop the introductions and tell us where the king is!" a warrior bellowed.

"How dare you talk to our king like this!" a guard snapped at them.

"He's the king?" the warrior said cowardly.

The warriors and the king both each bowed to one another.

"Very well." the king said "You may start your training tomorrow."

Later in his chamber Kuruk was thinking about the history of Omashu before he drifted away into deep sleep.

"Omashu... the city of love" he said in deep sleep.


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