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Oma and Shu Training
Oma and Shu's Training
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Omashu Tales





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Oma and Shu's Big Mistake

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The Two Villages History

Shu faints because the necklace is always what he has in mind. Oma slapped him but he didn't wake up. Oma thought that he is dead but she still can feel the heartbeat. Soon, Shu woke up.

"Let's go, then!" Oma exclaimed.

"Come on..." Shu agreed.

"But where are the badgermoles?" Oma asked.

"Well, when you are gone, I read a map... There's a cave in..." Shu said but cut.

"Hello there, two lovers!!" A man said.

"Who are you?" Oma asked.

"We're going to the badgermoles!" The man said.

"I ASK YOU, WHO ARE YOU!?" Oma asked again impatiently and angrily. Oma's face turns red.

"Oh... We're musicians!" The man said.

"Why are you going to the badgermoles?" Shu asked.

"Train earthbending!" The man said.

"Okay.... That was awkward..." Shu said.

Oma, Shu and the musicians went to the cave in Shu's lead. And they arrived in the cave which is so lonely, dark and creepy. Oma's face is excited, Shu's face shows his emotion that is scared while the man is crying.

"I don't know Oma... But..." Shu said.

"I'm not going!! Ahhh!!!" The musician screamed. Fun Fact: This musician is related with Chong...

"Okay! Bye!" Shu yelled, "Oma, we better leave!!"

"Shu... Are you.." Oma asked but cut.

"I am afraid! I never go to a place like this before!" Shu said.

"If you want to be a bender, you have to let go of fear," Oma said calmly to Shu.

"Okay, then..." Shu said worriedly. He began to cry. He was still thinking about the necklace.

"Hi badgermoles!!" Oma shouted, "We're here to train earthbending! I can earthbend while this boy can't!!'

"Shh!!" Shu whispered.

"What!?" Oma asked.

"Here they come! And they are bringing fire!" Shu screamed.

"Calm down!" Oma said.

"They are putting the fire behind our backs!" Shu yelled.

"I think I get it... You can't go back in earthbending. You got to move and do your horse stance..." Oma said.

"Alright..." Shu agreed.

"Earthbend!" Oma yelled.

"Mosquitoes!" Shu screamed.

"Are you afraid?" Oma asked.

"No.." Shu said.

"I can tell you're lying!!" Oma said.

"Okay, I am afraid. AHHH!!!" Shu screamed. The mosquitoes went in to his mouth. "That is the mosquitoes! They went to my mouth!!! Wekk..."

They practiced earthbending|3 years later.... They become the world's first humans that ever been trained by badgermoles. Oma ordered Shu to keep her promise that she is the first earthbender in the world. Shu promised Oma. Oma's hair is long now. Oma learned the art of seismic sense and she has the power of all badgermoles. While Shu only know earthbending.

"I did it!" Oma exclaimed.

"What!?" Shu asked.

"Check this out!" Oma said. She made a fountain in a clear pond.

"The badgermoles taught you very well..." Shu said.

"You try!" Oma ordered Shu.

"We're 12! And we lived in the cave for 3 years!" Shu said.

"So what's wrong?" Oma asked.

"Nothing... I'll try..." Shu said. He was still imagining the necklace. Now the vision is in Shu's mind. The necklace is still on the table in the garden.

"Go!" Oma said.

"Heahh!!!" Shu yelled.

"Wow..." Oma said in amazement.

"So... Let's take a water refreshment here..." Shu said.

"What should we wear?" Oma asked.

"I will just wear shorts... If you... I bought these..." Shu said.

"What's that?" Oma asked.

"To cover your body..." Shu said.

"Where did you buy it?" Oma asked.

"A shop," Shu replied. He thinks about the necklace. Now the vision is clearer. There is a pond now in the garden.

"Thanks..." Oma said.

"So cool right?" Shu said.

"Only like that, you're so proud.." Oma said.

Oma and Shu Refreshing

Oma and Shu refreshing after they master earthbending.

"We need refreshing..." Shu said.

"Let's go near the fountain I made..." Oma said.

"So refreshing..." Shu said.

"I know right...." Oma said.

"Yeah... I think I need to go..." Shu said.

"Go where?" Oma asked.

"Just kidding..." Shu said.

"Erghh!!" Oma yelled and made Shu fly using her earthbending and they splashed each other and fought each other using water.

"I love you, Oma..." Shu said.

"I love you too..." Oma said.

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