Oma and Shu Summer Solstice
Oma and Shu's Big Mistake
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Summer|Summer Solstice

"Oma, where are the badgermoles?" Shu said.

"I don't know..." Oma replied.

"Look at that beautiful solstice!" Shu said.

"Not really... I wonder what will happen if we meditate..." Oma said. She loved to try something new and interesting. And she liked to create something.

"Let's go for it!" Shu said.

"I wonder if a boy or a girl sit here and meditate meeting his or her reincarnation..." Oma said.

"Let's meditate!" Shu exclaimed impatiently.

They meditate and accidentally, their clothes turned white because they are connected to the Spirit World. Oma came first. Shu came second because he is still imagining about the necklace.

"Where are we?" Oma asked.

"Look out! Giant wolf!" Shu warned Oma.

"Eek!!" Oma screamed.

"We got to go, Oma!!" Shu yelled.

"Look at that cave! I think we should go there! We're nine and this is exciting! Oma said.

"NO!! Not exciting!" Shu said worriedly. Shu is a scared boy and is different from Oma. But he is slick that he could steal Oma's necklace.

"Hello..." A spirit said.

"Who are you?" Shu asked.

"Shh!! Don't do any emotions to this spirit!" Oma whispered.

"How do you know?" Shu asked.

"Long story. Do what I say..." Oma whispered.

"Boo!!" The spirit yelled, "Nice try!" Oma and Shu didn't show any emotions. The spirit scared Oma and Shu. Oma is still calm but Shu's face shows no emotion but his body is shaking.

"Where are we?" Shu asked to the spirit cautiously. He is still shaking.

"Shu, remember what I say," Oma whispered.

"You are in my realm. My name is Koh, the face stealer... Mind giving me your faces?" Koh asked.

"Never," Oma replied with no emotions.

"Bad girl! I don't have any collections here! Mind giving me just one either one of you?" Koh asked.

"Will you stop it?" Oma bravely asked and replied to Koh without any emotions, "Shu, go out..."

"But you..." Shu said but cut.

"If Koh took my face, no big deal..." Oma said.

"Nice girl..." Koh said.

Shu went out and look at Oma. He is still imagining about the necklace. What will happen.

"That face..." Oma said.

"So you know this face? Where did you see it, Oma?" Koh asked.

"The man's mask! Why did you steal the mask?" Oma asked.

"He got away... But luckily, this is his mask..." Koh said, "Now you need to be unknown!"

"No!" Oma yelled.

Oma hit Koh and Koh saw her doing emotions. Oma used all of her power without earthbending. She escaped and made Koh faint. But Koh woke up faster... He caught Oma by her hair. Koh pulled Oma planning to take all of her body and of course face. Koh cut off parts of her clothes.

"Don't do things with your hair... It will be gone too!" Koh said.

"Eghh!" Oma yelled in pain because Koh pulled her hair.

"You do something with emotions...So?" Koh asked.

"I will protect anyone or anything I love. Even if I have to risk my life... I'll do it..." Oma said.

"Haha!!" Koh laughed.

"But not this time!" Oma screamed.

"Impossible!" Koh shouted.

"I'll proof myself!" Oma yelled, "Heahh!!" Oma attacked Koh with all of her strength.

"Oma!" Shu said.

"You can't bend earth, honey..." Koh said calmly.

"I know... That's why I used this!" Oma said while taking her hairs that fell.

Oma Attacking Koh with Emotions

Oma attacking Koh with emotions.

"What will you do?" Koh asked.

"Put it in your face! So you will have troubles!" Oma said. Koh yelled while Oma returned to Shu. Oma laughed hardly.

"Oma!!" Shu shouted.

"Shu!!" Oma yelled.

"This is my biggest mistake!!" Shu said.

"It wasn't you... It was me..." Oma said.

They hugged... But Shu is still remembering about the necklace. In his mind, the necklace is in there. He won't forget it.

"Now how can we get back to the physical world?" Shu asked.

"Meditate again... Calm down..." Oma said.

"Can't..." Shu said.

"Try!" Oma forced.

They are back to the physical world. Again, Oma came first. Shu looked at his surrounding. He didn't find Oma.

"Little boy!!" Koh shouted.

"Meditate!" Shu screamed.

Shu finally is back to the physical world. He still thinks about the necklace that he stole.

"Now, badgermoles are ahead us!" Shu said. Shu thought, "This is the time I am waiting for!!! Kill Oma using my earthbending!!"

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