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The Young Tales

A night with a full moon, Oma and Shu are born int two different villages. They were enemies. They fought every month to take over the land - a mountain which separates them.

"You, bastard! You never win this battle!" One of the villagers in Shu's village yelled.

"No! You will bow to us, bastards!" One of the villagers in Oma's village replied roughly.


"My baby!" Oma's mother screamed.

"Oma!" Oma's father screamed also.

"Oaa!!" Oma cried while floating in the air. Oma screamed. Her parents didn't know where she lands. They only know that Oma will be safe for a while. But, her mother is still afraid about the necklace she wore.

Meanwhile in Shu's village...

"My son!" Shu's mother screamed.

"I can't reach him. He will probably land in the mountain. That will be quite safe." Shu's father said to his wife.

"Stupid village! How could they land an explosive things to our baby!?" Shu's mother said angrily.

"Shu is safe there." Shu's father replied.

"How do you know?" Shu's mother asked.

"I know!!" Shu's father replied impatiently. They only see the mountain that separates the village sadly. Shu's mother is still worry.

"Oaa!!" They both screamed in the mountain. They calmed down when they saw each other's face.

"Oa ma? Who are you?" Oma asked.

"Gogo.. I don't understand what are you talking about... Bwamana... We can be friends.. Shu replied.

"Ye. Yes." Oma replied again.

They played together in the mountain. Oma wore a necklace which is so precious... They do a long activity... Laughing together until the morning.

"OMA?" Oma's father asked.

"SHU?" Shu's mother asked.

"You kidnapped my baby!" Oma's mother angrily said.

"No, your villagers attack an explosive attack to our son!" Oma's mother replied angrily.

Oma and Shu began to cry because they are noisy and disturb their conversation.

"Hoheno. We will meet again in this mountain." Shu said.

"Ye. Yes." Oma replied to Shu. Shu took Oma's precious necklace without Oma noticing it.

Oma's Village|Oma's Dream:

"I love that guy.. Especially when he tell jokes.."

"Oma, I love you..."

"Shu? We're still a newborn!"

"Hmm... Our villages are enemies. We don't have a good relationship. BETWEEN OUR VILLAGES.."

"Shu... How can we contact each other again?"

"Do you remember what I said, Oma?"

"Meet at the mountain again?"

"Yes... Do it.. Two more years."


"I love you..."

"My necklace!!" Oma screamed. But she forgets about it. She only remembers that she will meet Shu again two more years.

Shu's Village|Shu's Dream:

"Oma, I don't know why, but you're pretty."

"Oh, Shu!"

"Hehehe... Oma, will you..."

"STOP THAT! Hahaha!"

"I don't think I should say it."


"You remember how can we contact again?"

"Er.. No..."

"Meet me at this mountain two more years.."

"But I'm here..."

"Go home, Oma. And you will see me again in this mountain.."


"The necklace!!! Ha Ha!!" Shu laughed with the evil tone. He woke up and cries. His mother picked him up and realized that Shu took Oma's necklace. She put the necklace in the garden. She began to write something in her 200 pages journal.

Two years later... The Mountain that separates the villages.

Oma and Shu went to the mountain... Oma faced more dangerous challenge while Shu arrived earlier.

Oma began her journey to the mountain. Guards are protecting any of the villagers go to the mountain and pass the mountain. Oma secretly and slowly passed through the guards but one guard notice her. The guard caught Oma. But Oma is smart enough and she licked the guard's hands making him disgusted. Oma continued crawling. She arrived with a big mountain. Its shape is so easy to climb.

Oma and Shu Crawling

Oma and Shu crawling to the top of the mountain.

Shu only crawled and continued his journey. The tough part is that his side of the mountain are really hard to climb. But he reached it first...

"Oma? Why are you so long?" Shu asked.

"Shu! Sorry, I got busy with the guards of my village..." Oma replied.

"Let's start our relationship together!" Shu said.

"What?" Oma replied.

"We will..." Shu said but is cut.

"ARGHH!! Shu watch out!" Oma quickly yelled.

"What!?" Shu yelled in horror.

"Young lady, you're in a trouble..." Oma's father said.

"Shu! You will be guarded every 24-hours each day." Shu's father said.

"Goodbye, Oma..." Shu said weakly.

"Goodbye, Shu. I'll miss you." Oma said while crying...

Shu pretends to cry. In his mind, he only remembers a single thing. The precious necklace...

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