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Oma and Shu's Big Mistake

Oma continued to cry. The man wore a mask so she didn't know who is he. He took the rope that closed Oma's mouth and began to talk in front of the house.

"There... We are arrived..." The man said.

"Hey! You creepy man.... You will pay for this!" Oma shouted to the man.

"It's your father who asks me to do this, Oma.." The man said, "That's your house.."

"Oma!" Oma's father said.

"Hmpph... I hate you all!" Oma said.

"What?" Oma's mother asked. She slapped Oma.

"I-HATE-YOU!!!" Oma said.

"Well, Oma... What can you do now?" Oma's father asked.

"I will..." Oma said but cut by her father.

"Will bend? Water? No! Fire? No! Air? No! We lived in the Earth Kingdom so that means we..." Oma's father said but cut by Oma.

"Do earthbending!" Oma said.

"Can you bend earth?" Her father asked.

"No..." Oma replied weakly. She couldn't stand it and she began to look at him fiercely. Her eyes are turning into red.

"So? Honey, leave us alone. And you too... Thank you for bringing Oma here..." Her father said.

"Okay..." Her mother and the man said.

"So, Oma? What will you do?" Oma's father asked.

"You are a horrible father! You rule everything! Mom lied to you, you know that? I escaped with Shu because he is the only one who understands me! Now you don't order me what to do!" Oma yelled angrily. Oma's father slapped Oma harder than his wife.

"You think so? I did because I rule the family. I know that because she told me. You are dating with our enemy's village!? How dare you!? I rule the family!" Her father replied.

"I loved Shu more than anything!" Oma said. She didn't realize that Shu steals her necklace so she says that.

"HEAAHH!!" Her father screamed. He cut Oma's hair using knife causing her hair to be messy. "You are an innocent child!"

"I am!!" Oma screamed.

Leaves are falling down and her eyes are red. She is angrier than anybody that ever lived.

"You will pay for this, father!!" Oma yelled.

"Erghh!!" Her father screamed.

"HEAHH!!" Oma screamed.

"You---Earthbend!?" Her father asked in pain.

"I did... Without learning it..." Oma said.

Oma Earthbend First Time

Oma earthbends for the first time without training with the badgermoles.

"Master..." Oma's father said imagining the badgermoles.

"What?" Oma asked. She looked at her father strangely. She thought that he is crazy.

Spring... When they're 9 years old...

"Oma!!!" Shu screamed.

"Hello, Shu..." A person said.

"O.h..." Shu said by cut.

Oma and Shu Second Kiss

Oma and Shu kissed after they reunite each other in spring time.

"Shu!" The person said excitedly.

"Ehh..." Shu said. The person kissed Shu...

"Oma!!" Shu exclaimed.

"Look at that rainbow! That's perfect for our second kiss..." Oma said.

"Oma, you...." Shu said but cut because Oma kissed him.

"You talk too much..." Oma said.

"Sorry, Oma..." Shu said. They kissed for the second time passionately again. They thought that no one is able to break their relationship.

"Now, check this out, Shu!" Oma said while showing her earthbending skill. She was so proud and Shu looked at her in amazed. His mouth are hanging with saliva.

"DISGUSTING!!!" Oma yelled in disgust. She slapped Shu while laughing.

"You earthbend!" Shu said.

"I did..." Oma replied.

"How did you do that? Did you train with the badgermoles?" Shu asked.

"No..." Oma replied, "Now, let's learn with the badgermoles!"

They ran together happily and they are searching for the badgermoles so they can study earthbending together. The secret that Shu still keep is still hidden. Shu will take this advantage to kill Oma so she won't hunt the necklace and Shu will have the necklace forever. His face turns into like an evil face and smiles. Oma still didn't realize it.

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