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The Unknown



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Jack Cross

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September 7th, 2012

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"Beach party!" shouted Sokka, encouraging everyone else to head down to the water. Only Zuko and Lee stayed behind.

"Do they really think that now is the proper time to have a party?" Zuko asked. Lee sat with propped his feet up on a chair, he spat a chunk of gristle that he had been chewing on.

"I can't control them, maybe you'll have better luck," said Lee, picking his teeth slightly with a fingernail.

"You'll have to help me," said Zuko. Lee gave him a look.

"Do you seriously believe that I'm going to waste bullets this close to the comet?" he asked, looking up at Zuko.

"You could use your sword," Zuko replied. Lee sighed, straightened his helmet, and stood.

"Alright prince, let's get to work," he said. They headed down to the beach and launched their attack. Zuko focused on Aang while Lee worked to keep the others off Zuko's back. He parted Sokka's sword attack, grabbed him, and threw him into the surf. Suki and Lee dueled for a few moments, but he soon overpowered her as well. However, Lee knew that he couldn't fight Katara and Toph.

With Zuko and Aang fighting in the beach house, Lee began to retreat back to the house as well, only blocking and dodging the attacks from the other two benders. Then he heard the crash of Zuko being forced from the second floor of the house. Lee stopped fighting and dropped his sword. Katara quickly bound his wrists with ice before they rushed to where Zuko had landed.

"How can you two just come out and attack us like that, have you gone insane?" asked Sokka.

"Have I gone insane? What about you! Why are you having a beach party this close to the comet?" asked Zuko.

"I was going to wait to fight the Fire Lord until after the comet. The whole point of fighting Ozai before the comet was to end the War, but the War ended when the Fire Nation took Ba Sing Se, so things can't get much worse," said Aang. Lee shook his head slightly.

"He doesn't get it," he said. Everyone's attention switched between Zuko and Lee in confusion.

"What? Get what?" asked Katara. Zuko looked at Aang.

"Its my Father. He plans to use the air fleet and power of the comet to burn down the Earth Kingdom," said Zuko.

"Snuffing out any sort of remaining resistance on the continent," added Lee. Everyone was dumbfounded for a moment.

"Wow. I knew the Fire Lord was bad but, his plan is just pure evil," said Sokka. Katara flicked her wrists, shattering the ice that bound Lee. Rubbing his wrists to return warmth to them, Lee walked away from the group. He suddenly stumbled and fell flat on his face.

"Are you alright Lee?" asked Toph.

"Yeah," he replied, studying what he had tripped over. He dug it out of the sandy soil and held it at length. It was a large chunk of metal, with a section on the bottom like on his revolver.

"What is it?" asked Suki as the small group made their way over to Lee. He handled the slightly rusted object with both reverence and shock.

"This, is a rifle. And a very advanced one at that," he answered.

"What exactly is a rifle?" asked Aang as they studied the weapon.

"Its like my gun, only larger with a longer range. And this one shoots plasma," he said as he stood. Turning, he started walking to the beach with the rifle.

"So what's plasma?" asked Katara as they hurried after him.

"Like the elements, there are four states of matter. The main three you know as Solid, Liquid, and Gas. Best way you can see it is with water; you know Ice, Water, and Steam. But the fourth is plasma, like fire," he said as he walked up to the edge of the water.

"Does your world have plasma weapons?" asked Sokka, watching as Lee started to take the rifle apart.

"Very primitive versions, but none this advanced," He said, looking over the guts of the weapon.

"So where did this one come from?" asked Katara. Lee sat back on his heels and ran his fingers though his hair. He let out a sigh before he continued.

"I don't know, no one does. The Gunslingers have been finding stuff like this back home for years." With a quick yank, Lee ripped two glowing spheres of crystal from the rifle before he picked up the disassembled weapon and threw the parts into the sea. He then walked over to a post and set one of the spheres on top. Walking back to the small group, he drew his revolver.

"What are you doing?" asked Aang.

"If a sample of my gun can alter the course of your world's destiny, this gun could very easily bring about even more horrors then just that. It must be destroyed." He raised the gun, took careful aim, and fired. The sphere and the post vanished in a flash of light. When the light dimmed, all that remained was a small crater with the edges melted into glass.

"Stupid Artifacts," Lee muttered as he holstered the gun, placed the other crystal into his pocket, and walked back up to the beach house leaving everyone else to stare in awe at the glowing crater. Katara turned and quickly hurried back up to the house after Lee.

"You said that there are twelve universes, but you never said why you came to ours," she said as she caught up to him. But Lee didn't stop; rather he walked through the halls.

"I'm here for the Orb, I told you that already," he said. They rounded another corner and found themselves in the hallway were Zuko and Aang had fought.

"You also told me that there was more then one of those things," she replied. Lee opened the door to his room and spun around.

"The others were destroyed, the one here is our last hope. And for the record my world is the most advanced out off all the twelve, but soon we're going to be so far behind that we'll look like we're in the stone age compared to you," he said before he closed the door, separating himself from her.

"Wow. Is a world without an Avatar really that bad?" Katara asked to no one in particular. The door slid back open a crack and Lee stuck his head out.

"Yes it is. I know of two others that lost their Avatar, and they're unstable and overrun with beasts," he said before the door closed again. Katara sighed before she started back downstairs.

It was going to be a long week for all of them.

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