Old Glory Gang Rises (Part 2)
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Next Generations


Book 1 : "A New Era Of Love And Peace"



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31 August 2011

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Old Glory Gang Rises (Part 1)

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The Disappointment

Previously, On Next Generations

Zuko read the message loudly :

Your Majesty,

This message was delivered from a villager in Plains Village to me, King Hinku of Ba Sing Se, I forwarded it to you so you can deal with it.

The message is as follows :

I'm writing this in rush..

A Fire Nation airship flew over our village and started to attack us, they will imprison me because I won't join them.

Help! Help!! SOS!!

--End Of Message--

Are you planning to re-start the war ? Are you as mean as your father ? Are you A liar ?

Waiting your reply,

Earth King Hinku

Aang : "That was Zhao! We need a plan"

Aang and Zuko looked at each other and both said : "Sokka!"

Aang slept at the palace and he knew he'll wake up the next day, to a heavy work day.

Chapter 7 : Old Glory Gang Rises (Part 2)

The next morning, Zhao woke up in his new house at Plains Village, with Jong Kong still asleep in the second bedroom. Zhao walked around the village and he thought : Maybe my current plan is not successful, the Avatar has beaten Ozai when Sozin's Comet was around. I have to think different. Yes! I'll have to build weapons nobody have ever thought of, and I have ideas! then he laughed an evil laugh loudly HAHAHAHAHA!!.

NGs Zhao bomb

Zhao's drawing of using the bomb.

Zhao went to his room and started planning, he came up with the idea of making what he called "bombs". He planned a new firing weapon and he called it The Bomb, he thought that the rock can break wooden floors and ceilings and the fire will burn other sides of the wood.

Aang woke up in the palace, said goodbye to Zuko and flew on Appa to the Southern Water Tribe to plan things with Sokka and spend some time with his family.

Zhao announced to Gow and his crew about the new weapon. They tested it on a wooden box. Gow took a little rock from the earth, Zhao wrapped it with paper, Zhao flamed it, and with Firebending to release the burning paper and Earthbending to release the little rock, together, they fired the bomb at a wooden box, and things went perfect for them. Zhao was pleased.

In a mental hospital at the Fire Nation, Azula was declared "mentally strong", this was reported to Fire Lord Zuko. Zuko ordered to move Azula to the royal prison at the Fire Nation Capital. She was moved immediately. Zuko went to visit her at her dungeon..

Azula : "Zuzu, it's nice to see you visiting me"

Zuko : "Don't you dare talk to me like that! I am Fire Lord Zuko!"

Azula : "Well, well, well. Thank you for coming, your majesty"

Zuko : "My eyes are on you Azula! Don't you dare trying to escape! You'll be imprisoned for life, and not just imprisoned..."

Azula : "So what ?"

Zuko : "Five guards will be guarding you twenty four seven. You won't have a chance"

Azula : "But will a good man like you treat his citizens like this ?"

Zuko (angrily) : "I do not treat my people like this!"... "This treatment is only for ruthless criminals like you!"

Azula : "If you haven't noticed yet, I am also the grand-granddaughter of Avatar Roku, So his good bloodline runs in me, not just in you. I went through many thoughts while in the mental hospital, those were the hardest times of my life, besides, I am your sister! Are you still using your forefathers' style ? Or will you use the Avatar's style : forgiveness ?"

Zuko : "Maybe not a lifetime arrest, but for now, I said it. You will be guarded well for now, but we'll see what to do with you in the future"

Azula thought Stupid Zuko, I'll have to cut my way through the prison then said : "Okay! It's nice from you to think about it"

Zuko : "Very nice!"

Zuko went away.

Aang arrived at the Southern Water Tribe, he ran into Katara City and went into his home, he found Katara and they both ran to hug each other, Jinora (at Katara City) and Maiko (at the Fire Nation Capital) were already one year old, while the other kids were not one year old yet. Aang spent some time with his kids.

Jinora : "Da- Da- Daddy!"

Aang and Katara laughed.

After some time spent with his family, Aang flew with his glider to City of Sokka, and knocked Sokka's house's door. Suki opened.

Suki : "Aang! You're here!"

Aang : "Yes, I am! Can I talk to you and Sokka for a while ? It's important"

Suki : "This does not seem as good news"

Aang : "Lets talk inside"

Suki went with Aang and sat with Sokka.

Sokka : "So what's on your mind Aang ? Another Sokka City ?"

Aang : "I am serious here. Zhao escaped prison"

Sokka : "Oh.. Oh no!"

Aang : "Not just escaped, he has an airship and he captured a village in the southern Earth Kingdom"

Suki : "When did that happen ?"

Aang : "I don't know and didn't mind to know. But one thing I know that he hasn't got further"

Sokka : "So what's the plan ?"

Aang : "Exactly. I came all the way from the Fire Nation Capital to here to spend time with my family as well as getting a plan with you"

Sokka : "Am I that smart ?"

Aang : "Sokka I'm not kidding!"

Sokka : "Okay, you say he captured a village, where does it lie ?"

Aang : "It's called Plains Village, south of the Earth Kingdom"

Sokka : "He has allies ?"

Aang : "Earthbenders and Firebenders. As well as assassins. The villagers are with him too"

Sokka : "Hmmmm.. But why would we need a plan ? You're the master of all four elements Aang, you can beat him all by yourself! Do it before he gets stronger and stronger"

Aang : "They are master Earthbenders and master Firebenders, besides, they are plenty and I am one. We need tactical prowess"

Sokka : "Good point. I think the village there is surrounded by mountains, you can hide behind the top of one of them, shoot from there and hide when they shoot. Easy! Katara can help you too, she can Waterbend from the top of other mountain"

Aang : "They have an airship!"

Sokka : "You have Appa! Zuko can send you airships as well"

Aang : "Zuko can help us with forces as well"

Sokka : "Oh! Oh! Idea! Zuko sends his airships and forces in the air, meanwhile, you fly to the top of mountains as I said before, Zuko's forces attack, Zhao starts shooting at them while you can block his shots and counter attack. The opposition of Zhao may bend your mountain, so it will be Appa's turn. He will fly with you, you shoot rocks and fireballs and whatever, and when the forces almost secure our win, you go and make the final blow, bend Zhao's energy out of him!"

Suki : "Great plan, Sokka!"

Aang : "Yes, amazing!"

Sokka : "Now lets send Hawky to Zuko!"

Aang wrote the message, and Hawky flew to the Fire Nation Capital.

Aang : "I think we will get a reply before tonight, because the attack will start tomorrow. Now excuse me, I'll go to my house at Katara City"

Suki : "Okay!"

Aang's statue

Aang's statue at Zuang.

While Aang was spending time with Katara and his children, Mushi, mayor of Zuang, ordered to build a statue of Aang and another one of Zuko in Zuang, which earned recently the nickname the Metalbenders' capital.

Hawky was sent back to Aang, he opened the message and read it :

Dear Aang,

The airships will be leaving tomorrow morning.

Ten airships containing three Firebenders each are going to Plains Village, they are ordered not to shoot at civilians, I am pretty sure Appa is taking off at the same time.

Hoping for victory,

Fire Lord Zuko

Aang told Katara to stay with the children and protect people in Katara City and completed saying : "It's you mission, your destiny. You are a woman, you have three children, which are our responsibility together. But I am the Avatar, I have to keep balance in the world, and you are Katara City mayor, you have to stay and protect the people. I love you, don't worry, when I'm done with Zhao tomorrow, I'll come back here and stay with you".

They all slept till the next day...

Next day morning Aang woke up, said bye-bye to Katara, Sokka, Suki, Hakoda, and the children then flew on Appa to Plains Village. While he was flying, he told Appa : "Don't worry buddy, we will fight bravely today, you will have to work good. I'm sorry, but we have to do this!". Appa roared a roar which Aang recognized as a yes.

Meanwhile, Fire Nation military airships took off. Zuko thought to himself : I am pretty sure we will make it.

When the airships and Aang arrived at the village, Zhao quickly noticed them, "Gow! bring your men! forces are attacking us!" Zhao yelled, "Jong Kong, Hiku, Fu Gan everybody! Come! We have a fight!"

Earthbenders started to bend the mountain Aang had no chance to shoot before he hopped on Appa, Zhao's bombs started to get fired at Appa. Appa avoided, Aang bended fire at them, Firebenders in the airship were also attacked by bombs, bomb thrown at Aang were fired by Zhao while the ones at airships by Jong Kong. Katara (in Katara City) worried much about Aang, while he bended earth to knock Gow's Earthbenders on the floor, Zhao started blasting fire at Appa's legs, he hurt two of six, then, Aang couldn't control Appa, Aang was so angry, he air bended Appa's legs to help him but Appa was still afraid, airships fought bravely and could injure many Earthbenders, Aang used his glider to fly and with Airbending, he could get people out of his way to land safely. He landed, Fu Gan started dueling him with his sword, while Aang avoided with Earthbending, from behind him, Zhao blasted fire at him and held him well, Aang used Earthbending to get away, he ran to the fighting crew who were attacking the airships, all by himself, he knocked ten Earthbenders on the floor, luckily, there was a bucket of water, he used the water to freeze the fighters, Jong Kong fired him and knocked him down, Zhao ordered two Earthbenders to fly with the airship to fight, the remaining three Earthbenders, including Hiku, were forced to attack the ten airships alone from bellow, Zhao fired at Aang fireballs, Aang blocked them with Airbending, Jong Kong, who was holding him to the floor, hit him hard, Aang was almost wounded, but Appa arrived and knocked Jong Kong hard, Jong Kong was sent backwards until he hit a house and wounded on the floor. Aang hopped on Appa, but Zhao quickly flew using fire, the airship belonging to OGG used Sokka's "airship slice" technique to knock down five airships, while Zhao captured another airship. Aang jumped to Zhao's airship, they fought as Fu Gan freed Earthbenders from the ice. Aang jumped, with Zhao under his legs, landing with Zhao knocked on the floor and Aang stepping on him, Jong Kong blasted Aang away, while one of the two Earthbenders flying in the airship jumped to the one Zhao captured, on that ship, three of Zuko's forces were imprisoned on the ship! Aang managed to escape and hide in the village, he went to the village's prison and freed all the people, these people agreed to fight along with Aang as well as the other civilians who joined OGG, with them, Aang attacked Zhao's allies while Zhao, Jong Kong, Hiku and the two captured airships were forced to fight the other four airships alone. Aang noticed a shop which had metal trays, he used them to arrest Gow and his thirteen men (originally fifteen, two in the airships). Aang ran back to where Zhao and remaining allies were fighting, he noticed that three airships only were remaining, six knocked down and one captured, so he surrendered and escaped, he ordered the remaining three airships to head to the Fire Nation Capital as he had their backs, while a civilian who could Earthbend threw a rock at him and yelled to him "I was just afraid of you! I will fight with OGG till I die!" Aang threw the rock back at him and knocked him down, while Zhao ordered his forces to stop fighting and was very very very happy.

Aang told the remaining Fire Nation forces to tell the whole story to Zuko and to tell him to put his eyes on the village and to do that with the Earth King's help.

Aang flew back home to the Southern Water Tribe with Appa, both sad with the battle's outcome.


  • Gow and his men were freed using Hiku's Earthbending later, but no chapter mentions that.
  • This is the longest chapter in book one. It also contains the longest paragraph in the book.

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