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Old Glory Gang Rises (Part 1)
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Book 1 : "A New Era Of Love And Peace"



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30 August 2011

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Previously, On Next Generations

Fall of Plains Village. : The OGG flew with their captured Fire Nation airship, then they stopped in the air over Plains Village, Hiku hopped to the heart of the village so Earthbenders came all around him, Zhao and Jong Kong started to blow fireballs on the Earthbenders' heads while civilians came to fight as well. Fu Gan began taking rocks from the earth and throwing them at civilians and Earthbenders, after a little time, five of fifteen Earthbenders were injured badly as well as two civilians, This marked the end of the battle as the village's leadership surrendered. Old Glory Gang got a base and Earthbenders and fighting crew.

Aang and Zuko slept in the newly established Zuang, which Aang and other Earthbenders built.

Chapter 6 : Old Glory Gang Rises (Part 1)

Aang and Zuko woke up together, in Zuang, once they got out of their house, the city was full of people, they also saw Metalbenders - kids, and grown-ups.

Aang : "Wow, Toph is a good teacher!"

Zuko : "Huh? I need to go back to the Fire Nation Capital, some messages may be waiting"

Aang : "Alright, I'll come with you. Take your airship and I'll take Appa"

One of the people they saw, and he saw them too, was Roy Dest. He heard they were going to fly and fired immediately.

Aang didn't notice the shot but Zuko blocked it.

Aang : "Who are you ?"

Roy didn't answer, he continued fighting, Zuko didn't care and continued fighting as well.

An old man said : "You dirty human, how could you fire at the Fire Lord and the Avatar ?"

Roy said angrily "Silence!" and fired at the old man. Aang got angry, he bended fire, earth and air and arrested the man in a metal cage he bended from around him.

Roy was arrested by the newly established Zuang Municipal Police who use Metalbending.

Zuko : "Wow, even though his name is Mushi, he's a good mayor!"

Aang laughed as well as Zuko then they went on to fly.

While they're flying, The Boiling Rock received new airships upon request, as the Fire Nation Capital was informed with Zhao's escape, but the message, among other messages, was left unread because the Fire Lord isn't available.

At the South Pole, Katara started to worry about Aang.

Sokka : "Why are you worried ? he said he's building a city! And he's the Avatar, master of all elements, what can possibly happen to him ? he defeated the Fire Nation when they were one million times of their normal power! He.."

Suki : "Sokka, I think you said enough..."

Sokka : "Erm.. yeah.. you're right. So Katara ?"

Katara : "I don't know, maybe I'm worried of myself more than I'm worried about him... I just miss him"

Sokka : "Ha! You see ? I'm always right.. I'm.."

Katara : "Just shut it! Mayor!"

Suki : "Guys guys, stop it! Aang is coming today or tomorrow and I know it. Until then, we'll be fine. If he doesn't come at least a messenger hawk will fly by"

Katara : "Yeah.. You're right.. Thank you, you were really helpful. Unlike some people..."

Sokka : "Why is that angry look at me ? Oh. Okay, okay, just don't say it.. I'll be quiet"

Suki and Katara laughed as Sokka went away.

Aang and Zuko and Appa arrived at the Fire Nation Capital and entered the palace.

Mai ran to hug Zuko and told him : "I missed you, messages are waiting for you"

Zuko : "Missed you too. So how's the South Pole ?"

Mai : "The ships just returned and told me nothing is happening there and they're in best moods!"

Aang looked at Zuko and said : "So that airship was not going to the South Pole"

Zuko : "Then the messages will tell us where it went. And by the way, did you get a name of the leader ?"

Aang slapped his forehead and said sadly : "No..."

Zuko : "Fine! Lets head to the messages room, come with me Aang, and you Mai"

Mai : "Okay.."

Aang : "Lets go"

The threesome went to the messages room and Zuko read the first, read and replied to, message loudly :

Your majesty,

Here at the Boiling Rock, two prisoners managed to escape.

If you're not the Fire Lord, continue reading as well...

Since your and Sokka's escape, the prison isn't as safe as it was. Former Admiral Zhao and former Admiral Roy Dest managed to escape the prison, capturing an airship and destroying three other.

We need four replacement airships and supplies to make the prison safer


Warden Chang, commander of The Boiling Rock.

"I sent them what they needed" said Mai.

Zuko : "Ugh!... Ugh! Ugh Ugh!" and he started throwing fireballs.

Aang : "Wait a moment, we can't just destroy everything.. We'll have to think"

Zuko : "Right, we'll deal with that later, next message"

Mai : "The next isn't read yet"

Zuko read the next one also loudly :

Your Majesty,

This message was delivered from a villager in Plains Village to me, King Hinku of Ba Sing Se, I forwarded it to you so you can deal with it.

The message is as follows :

I'm writing this in rush..

A Fire Nation airship flew over our village and started to attack us, they will imprison me because I won't join them.

Help! Help!! SOS!!

--End Of Message--

Are you planning to re-start the war ? Are you as mean as your father ? Are you A liar ?

Waiting your reply,

Earth King Hinku

Zuko : "Oh. My. God!"

Aang : "That was Zhao!"

Mai : "We'll just have to attack him.."

Aang : "No! We need a plan"

Aang and Zuko looked at each other and both said : "Sokka!"

Mai : "Okay, okay.. Get forward to the next message, last one"

Zuko read the last message loudly as well.

Thanks for the ships and supplements,

Warden Chang

Zuko : "Okay Aang, we need to fly now to the South Pole!"

Aang : "Appa can't, he's tired, too much tired. We can't make it to the Southern Water Tribe"

Mai : "And you may have to reply to the Earth King thing"

Zuko : "Right. I'll stay here and do my lord role, I'll send a hawk to the Southern Water Tribe once I need you to know anything. Hakoda, Suki, Sokka and Katara can forward it to you if you weren't there"

Aang : "Good idea, I'll make a plan with Sokka and tell them everything. I can take off tomorrow"

Zuko : "Yes, do that. I'll hold a meeting for the Generals and we will decide a plan as well, but we'll leave attacking Plains Village for you"

Aang : "I'll not attack the village. I will attack Zhao, and especially Zhao!"

Zuko : "But how didn't you notice his face in the air ?"

Aang : "It wasn't his face, I'm sure of that. maybe that's one of his allies"

Zuko : "Anyway, sleep at the palace tonight and fly to Sokka tomorrow. Alright ?"

Aang : "Alright."

Zuko : "Meeting ended!"

Aang : "I will send a hawk to Katara. She's probably worried about me now"

Aang sent the hawk, and Katara read the message :

Dear Katara,

I'm sleeping at the Fire Nation Capital right now.

Zhao captured an airship and captured a village as well.

I'll come to you tomorrow and we'll talk then.

With love,


Katara had tears in her eyes, he ran to Sokka and Suki and Hakoda and showed them the message.

Sokka : "He's not coming here for you, he's coming to plan with me!"

Katara slapped Sokka on the face and said : "You.. Ugh!

Hakoda : "Sokka! Behave and be nice to your sister!"

Suki whispered to Sokka : "Sokka, stop acting like a child!"

Aang slept at the palace and he knew he'll wake up the next day, to a heavy work day.


  • This is the first chapter to be released in parts, and the first to be released after the Updates page was released. It's the first to get its release notified at a talk page as well.
  • This is the first chapter to be completely within the time scope of the conflict "Rise of the Old Glory Gang", and thus, was named after the conflict.

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