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Seventeen year-old Aimei the firebender decided it was time to take action. She had long hair that was black and sturdy, golden eyes. For long, Aimei wanted to destroy Korra for what her previous life did to Fire Lord Ozai. Yes, Aimei was the granddaughter of former Fire Lord Iroh II and daughter of the new Fire Lord. However, Aimei didn't live in the Fire Nation, she lived in Republic City by herself. She refused to stay in the Fire Nation so long as her grandpa lived. Aimei had history with her grandpa, and they hated each other. For so long, Aimei plotted to take Korra down, but she knew Korra was too powerful. However, now the Avatar was a new born, Aimei could easily destroy him or her! Aimei was going to search the Earth Kingdom for the new Avatar, but she couldn't do it alone. She was going to assemble her team, and together, they would destroy the embodiment of peace, light and hope! First, Aimei was going to visit her friend, who was also seventeen. She was going to visit a waterbending prodigy. She set out to her friend's house, which was inconveniently on the other side of Republic City. The spirit portal lay on the path to her friend's house, and so it was extremely hard to get there as the spirit portal was always crowded and busy. What should be a half hour journey always ended being an hour long. Aimei called a taxi.

"Take me to 31 Hobblestone Avenue," she ordered.

"I'm sorry miss, we'll have to cross the spirit portal and there is just too much traffic, I can't take you," the driver said.

How dare he? Aimei was the crown princess!


The driver looked panicky, wiped away several beads of sweat and gulped.

"Yes, your, uh, majesty," he said.

He immediately began driving as fast as he could. After a few moments, they had arrived at the shining, shimmering, sight-worthy spirit portal, which was strangely deserted. The spirit portal was a bright sunny yellow with strands of green and yellow DNA-like beads of energy inside it.

"The spirit portal... there's no one here, something must be wrong!" The driver exclaimed.

"Keep driving!" Aimei commanded.

The driver pursed his lips and kept on driving. However, it wasn't before long that Aimei and the driver felt a loud quaking.

"What was that?" The driver asked while panicking.

"Never mind what it was, keep driving and don't stop!" Aimei yelled.

The driver kept on driving, but a few moments later... STOMP! STOMP! RUMBLE QUAKE!

"Okay, I am sorry miss but I don't care how royal or scary you are! I refuse to take you anywhere near the portal!" The driver exclaimed as stopped driving.

Aimei didn't say anything, but she raised two fingers, which began to spark with lightning.

"Fair enough, I'm giving you a choice then," Aimei coldly snarled. "Stop driving and taste lightning, or continue driving and have a chance of surviving!"

Just then, a colossal spirit emerged from the portal. It was tall and large, almost as big as Kuvira's Colossus. It strongly resembled a human except for the fact it was bright red and had antelopes on its head. It also seemed to have a mysterious, square like pattern embedded on its stomach that glowed purple.

"A spirit..." The driver muttered. "I'm getting us out of here!"

"No," Aimei said. "I can handle this."

Aimei slowly got out of the car and stood her ground before the spirit.

"Spirit, prepare to face my fury," Aimei whispered to herself. "And after you have, warn the Avatar, for the Avatar will have to face what you face today, only ten times worse!"

Aimei shot a bolt of ice blue lightning at the spirit's shoulder. The lightning exploded on impact, causing the shoulder to light up in flames. The spirit recoiled and stumbled before regaining balance. The square on the spirit's chest glowed brighter, and it released a massive beam of purple energy at Aimei. Aimei propelled herself into the air with her jet propulsion and shot a ring of fire augmented so the diameter of the ring was over two metres large.

"What kind of spirit are you?" Aimei said. "I thought only Vaatu could shoot beams of energy!"

Once the ring of fire hit the spirit squarely in the chest, the chest dimmed for a second before relighting. The next beam of energy it shot was much less powerful. Aimei grinned and shot a jet of lightning directly at the square on the spirit's chest, and the spirit immediately exploded into a wave of energy. The energy sent a shock wave around a 10-metre radius, and everything in that area felt a mighty blow of energy.

"See that? Spirit?" Aimei laughed. "Avatar, you are next!"

Half an hour later, Aimei had arrived at 31 Hobblestone Avenue. Aimei got off the taxi and walked over to her friend's house. She knocked on the door and had to wait for a few moments before a girl and two boys opened up.

"Good, the whole team is here..." Aimei smiled.

"Hey Aimei, come in!" The girl said.

Aimei stepped into the room and gave the girl a hug.

"It's so good to see you, Cici," Aimei said.

Cici was the waterbending prodigy mentioned earlier. She had long, silky black hair and cold, wintery blue eyes full of ice. Cici grew up in the Southern Water Tribe, and soon moved to Republic City after she turned fourteen three years ago.

"Hey Sha," Aimei greeted one of the boys.

Sha was an excellent earthbender. He was extremely muscular and tall. He hand hair the colour of sand and emerald green eyes. He learnt earthbending at the young age of five and soon mastered it when he was sixteen. He was now seventeen, and had already learned metal and lavabending.

"What brings you here?" Asked Cici.

"I need help from all three of you," Aimei explained.

"What do you need?" Asked the other boy.

The other boy, like everybody else was seventeen. He had bushy brown hair that was slightly shaved at his forehead so everyone could see his airbender tattoos. He had mastered airbending when he thirteen and therefore received his airbending tattoos. Now that sixty years had passed since the creation of astral projection, lots of spiritual airbenders had grasped the ability. Despite being extremely talented, the lack of ability to perform astral projection was always Wang's biggest downfall.

"You know how I keep on plotting to take out the Avatar?" Aimei asked.

"Yeah, it gets so boring at times!" Cici complained.

"Well, now that the Avatar has been reborn, we can find the baby, and destroy it!" Aimei cackled. "I need your help, my friends. Will you help me achieve my dream?"

The three benders looked at each other and nodded after slight hesitation.

"We'd be honoured to join you," Wang agreed.

"So here is the plan: I heard that a girl named Qi and a boy named Huo are looking for the Avatar. My bet is that they will scour Ba Sing Se first. We will go there and we will kidnap them and end them! Then we can search for the Avatar without competition!" Aimei explained.

The others once again looked at each other and nodded.

"You have our backs," Cici confirmed.

"Good, now lets get down to business..." Aimei cackled.




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Colossal Spirit

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