By ShikonChireru Part of the The Legend of Korra-Chitose Gen Crossover continuity.
Okotta Seifuku
Biographical information

The Destroyer


39 years

Physical description







220 lbs

Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Fighting style(s)



'Power to Destroy'(formerly)


Borero Amakuni, Eon Kuroi-Shinzo, Equalists (loosely)


Korra, Chireru Amakuni, Tenzin, Josefubu Amakuni

Chronological and political information
First appearance

Book 7: Declaration of War


A protagonist of the series, Okotta is one of the Destroyers, powerful individual with the power to destroy, whether it be immortals such as Josefubu, or powerful individual such as highly skilled benders or Kekkai State practitioners. he has partnered up with Eon Kuroi-Shinzo and Borero in order to test his capabilities.

During the Battle of Aang Memorial Island, he completely overwhelms both Korra and Chireru with his abilities, and even manages to critically wound Chireru before the two combine their powers to defeat him, taking away his Destroyer powers in the process. Their resulting battle also turns the museum on the island to rubble and sinks the statue of Avatar Aang once more...


He carries a sort of superiority over others due to his great size and power. Okotta never backs down from a challenge and will pursue a target with ruthless abandon. Because he wholly relies and strength and power, he considers notions like peace and justice ideals for the weak, and will constantly dispose those who spout those notions. He has a certain respect with those with power and takes joy in crushing that power.

Powers and Abilities

  • Immense Durability: Because of his incredible size and power, Okotta has nearly unrivaled durability in the face of adversity, capable of withstanding a number of attacks from both Chireru and Korra.
  • Raw Physical Strength: A born fighter, he can stand toe-to-toe with just his fists against foes with heightened spiritual abilities or Masterful Bending.
  • Destroyer: His spiritual powers developed in such an abnormal fashion that he evolved into a Destroyer, someone with the power to 'destroy', wither it be spirits, immortals, beings, etc. He subsequently loses this power after his battle against Korra and Chireru.


  • Despite being a character unique to this fanon, the Destroyer-Class individuals are a normal occurrence in the Chitose Gen series, and are the antithesis to Observer-class individuals like Josefubu Amakuni
  • His appearance is based on Hideyoshi Toyotomi of the Sengoku Basara series.

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