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By Omashu Rocks Part of the The House of Angkara continuity.
Biographical information

Air Nomad



Physical description


Hair color

Bald (Brown Mustache)

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Air, Glider Staff

Fighting style(s)

Airbending, Flying


Iluna Rebels, Dasna


The Angkara Family

Chronological and political information



Brother Monk at Kisah's monastery

First appearance

The House of Angkara

Ohk appears in The House of Angkara as the monk who raised Shen from birth to the age of fifteen.


Generally, Ohk is a wise man. However, this doesn't mean he never makes mistakes. Sometimes his overprotective mindset and passion for Shen leads him to make the wrong decisions.


In 94 BG, Ohk discovered Shen as a newborn baby abandoned at the steps of his monastery. He was scolded by the other monks for taking her in, and Dasna criticized him for not sending Shen to school. For the next fifteen years, he dedicated his life to making sure Shen was raised what he deemed properly; he even sheltered her from certain government visitors and fought for the Senate to grant extra funding for his monastery just for Shen. To his grief, a rebellious teenage Shen grew weary of the monastery and ran off.

When Shen returned, Ohk simply embraced her with a hug, and was duped into thinking that she would never leave again.


  • The name "Ohk" comes from the Estonian word for "air". Pretty simple. Most characters in the fanon aren't named for their bending element, but Ohk is one of a few exceptions.

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