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17 in Book Three: Change
20 in Book Four: Balance


154 AG

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Huon, Air Acolytes, Tenzin, Saana, Korra, Lin Beifong, Suyin Beifong


Hou-Ting, Red Lotus, Kuvira

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Ogomu was a citizen of Ba Sing Se who developed airbending abilities after the Harmonic Convergence of 171 AG. He was great friends with Saana, another airbender.


Ogomu was born and raised in Ba Sing Se. His brother Huon was an earthbender, while Ogomu was not. He worked in the Lower Ring selling food to poor residents and made a reasonable living through it. However, after Harmonic Convergence in 171 AG, he developed airbending abilities. One night, he was kidnapped by the Dai Li who imprisoned him in a secret facility under the Earth Kingdom Royal Palace, intending to train him to become a part of the Earth Queen's army

Later, Avatar Korra, Tenzin, and Bumi broke into the facility the airbenders were being imprisoned in order to save them. However, as they exited, they were confronted by a number of Dai Li agents and the Earth Queen herself. The queen ordered the group be restrained, but Ogomu and the other airbenders used their new abilities to push the agents back and were saved when Lin arrived in a police airship. Upon escaping Ba Sing Se, Tenzin offered the new airbenders a chance to train at the Northern Air Temple; Ogomu accepted the airbending master's offer.

At the Northern Air Temple, Ogomu was alongside the other airbenders during training. He was particularly impressed by the demonstrations of bison flight provided by Tenzin on Oogi but was disappointed to learn that mastering control over one required years of training. The next morning, he and his fellow airbenders were forced into more rigorous training, such as a ten-mile walk which left him exhausted and cold like the others. Ogomu soon tried the obstacle course, making his way to the top before Kai, covered in mud. He and the airbenders were eventually left under the direction of Meelo as a frustrated Tenzin walked away.

After Bumi found out Jinora and Kai were in trouble, Ogomu joined him and the other airbenders in an attack on a bison rustlers camp in order to free the kids and some bison calves. After they completed the mission, Ogomu regathered with all the benders to relax. The next day, Ogomu took note of Daw's suggestion to shave his head. He became good friends with Otaku, Yung and Saana.

When the Red Lotus attacked the Northern Air Temple, Ogomu was imprisoned with all the temple's inhabitants in a cave-complex a few miles away from the building. He was released from his shackles by Team Avatar when they burst through the cave wall and took down the Red Lotus sentries sanding guard. Ogomu exited the caves and, upon Jinora's command, he formed a circle with the other airbenders and helped to create and maintain a powerful tornado that enabled Avatar Korra to slam Zaheer down on the ground, ending the fight. He subsequently watched as Suyin bent most of the mercury out of Korra, saving her life.

Two weeks later, Ogomu attended Jinora's anointment ceremony as an airbending master on Air Temple Island. He listened to Tenzin's speech of how the Air Nation would reclaim its nomadic roots and roam the earth, promoting peace, balance, and harmony while Korra recuperated from her fight with the Red Lotus. When Tenzin revealed Jinora's mastery tattoos, Ogomu bent the smoke from the incense sticks behind him and guided them through the temple hall, tingling several wind chimes in recognition of the new master.

174 AG

Three years later, Ogomu continued with his airbending training, even meeting more new airbenders from both the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation, most notably On Son from the Fire Nation. He adapted well to the pacifistic mentality he was expected to have. He became even greater friends with Otaku and Saana and was happy when he and Saana were sent to Nan Uon, a town in the southern Earth Kingdom. A week later, Ogomu and Saana came across a clutch of firebenders who had escaped from one of Kuvira's detainment camps.

Returning to Republic City, he and Saana discovered that other airbenders had been reporting instances of detainees in the Earth Kingdom and resumed his training, knowing that an attack from Kuvira and her army was inevitable.

A few weeks later, Kuvira and her army arrived in Republic City. Ogomu was atop a roof alongside Saana, Yung, and Vinina overseeing her arrival and was shocked like the rest of the airbenders to see Kuvira's giant mecha suit. After President Raiko surrendered due to the overwhelming power of the spirit energy cannon that destroyed the United Forces' fleet in mere seconds, Ogomu, along with a dozen airbenders, aided in rescuing the United Forces troops as the fleet sank. Later, along with Avatar Korra and the other airbenders, he attempted to slow down the advance of Kuvira's enormous mecha suit carrying a spirit energy cannon in order to give Asami and Varrick enough time to adapt the prototypes of the hummingbird mecha suits in Asami's office at Future Industries Tower.

After Kuvira's defeat, he attended the wedding of Varrick and Zhu Li a few weeks later. Ogomu danced with Saana, then Vinina during the wedding. Ogomu finally admitted that he had feelings for Vinina and was surprised that she felt the same for him. A week later, they started dating.

In 177 AG, Ogomu married Vinina on Air Temple Island, and in 178 AG, Ogomu and Saana mastered airbending along with a few other of Tenzin's students, received their tattoos in a big ceremony.

Later Life

Ogomu eventually married Vinina and had four children with her, Lyo, Nyimi, Amchan and Jamsa, all of whom were airbenders. Ogomu became an airbending instructor to many students at the Southern Air Temple including Matan's children Honni and Olila, his own children and eventually trained Lyo's own son Linjon. Ogomu eventually heard news of an attack on the town of Haiqo, and left the southern temple to help retrieve any survivors. With news of the attack on Haiqo, he also learned about the atrocities committed by Haiqo's leader Tirriu, an airbender. Along with the other elders, Ogomu agreed to have both of Tirriu's children taken from Haiqo to be raised at the southern temple, to keep them both away from Tirriu's dark influence. Tirriu however, refused, and the elders decided instead to send another airbending master to Haiqo in order to raise them as true Air Nomads. Ogomu was proud that his own son Lyo was chosen to take up the task.

Over the next few weeks, he began noticing Linjon's personality change. One night, Linjon left the southern temple, completely disavowing the Air Nomad way of life, taking several airbenders and Air Acolytes with him.


Ogomu was a promising student among the other airbenders, and eventually found a natural footing in learning the bending art. Ogomy eventually mastered airbending and was proficient enough to train several students at the same time.

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