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Biographical information

Southern Water Tribe


Southern Water Tribe

Birth place

Southern Water Tribe


Southern Water Tribe


Pamna (as the Avatar)


Rung (as the Avatar)

Physical description


Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

The elements

Bending style(s)

Waterbending, Earthbending, Firebending, Airbending, Mindbending


Omong, Ujuan, Yozo

Chronological and political information

Full Realized Avatar

Ogguk was a Water Tribe Avatar from the Southern Water Tribe and the immediate successor of Avatar Pamna from the Northern Water Tribe. He succeeding in restoring the Avatar Cycle after convincing Avatar Ujuan to rejoin with Raava. He was succeeded by Avatar Rung, who was born in the Earth Kingdom.


Ogguk was born in the Southern Water Tribe and found out he was the Avatar when he fourteen years of age. The elders of his tribe, as well as those in the Northern tribe were desperate to fix the damage that Ujuan, the Air Nomad Avatar had done to Avatar Cycle, and wanted to train Ogguk in spiritual matters so he could finish what the three Avatar's before him, Nurra, Ammaq and Pamna could not; find Ujuan in the Spirit World and rejoin his spirit with Raava, continuing the Avatar Cycle so that Ogguk could be reborn into the Earth Kingdom.

Ogguk managed to master the elements in around fifteen years, becoming a Fully Realized Avatar, and was always accompanied by an Air Nomad named Omong, whom he became great friends with over the years and eventually, became his airbending teacher.

Ogguk managed to quell a few minor uprisings in the Earth Kingdom before he was called back to the Southern Tribe. The elders reminded Ogguk that the Avatar Cycle was still in need of repair after Avatar Ujuan split from Raava and was now living in the Spirit World. Ogguk trained for months with Omong, searching everywhere he could for Ujuan.


By the time he was thirty years of age, Ogguk was a fully realized Avatar, able to bending all four elements. Through his connection with Ujuan, he also learned the art of Mindbending, gaining near the same mastery of it than the latter. Ogguk was known to use Waterbending and Airbending as his main two elements, as he usually chose to live between the Southern Water Tribe and Air Temple unless having to deal with conflicts happening in the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation.


As his birth element, Ogguk mastered Waterbending soon after learning he was the Avatar, heading straight to the Earth Kingdom weeks after learning it.



Ogguk found firebending difficult at first, but remained calm through his waterbending training,


Ogguk became very proficient in airbending


Ogguk only had minor control over the art of Mindbending while practicing under master Omong, enabling him to travel into the Spirit World more gracefully than the three other Avatar's before him.

Preceded by
4486 AG - 4396 AG
Succeeded by

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