Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Of Ghosts and Fire in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Of Ghosts and Fire
What would you do for your country?
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320 years ago. 320 years ago, the Royal Family of the Fire Nation split apart into two dynasties- the Seigi and the Jaaku, named after the twin princes that founded them. When their father died, both twins claimed the throne. Seigi wanted to administer a new era of peace, and military disarmament.

Jaaku, on the other hand, wanted to continue his father's secret research on chemical and biological weapons, and eventually wreak havoc on the world. Two very different visions, but one crown. Soon, a political controversy turned into the bloodiest civil war in human history. After a horrible 40 years, Seigi's army won. Furious, Jaaku and his supporters, many of which were rich landowners, seceded and founded their new kingdom- The Empire of Dragons.

The Empire started its own chemical weapon program. Soon, with the support of criminals, rebels and terrorists from every nation, they invaded the rest of the Earth. Leading this coalition of terrorist and Empire forces is one of, if not the most, brilliant generals in the world. Eighth Prince of the Empire, Jigoku Kasai is a 19-year old combat and firebending prodigy.

His only desire is to crush the rest of the world. He would have already, but there is one thing standing in the way- his old childhood friend and lover, Avatar Kirei. But after 5 years in exile for defiance of Empire Law, he has become bitter and extremely violent. During his years in exile, he went through vigorous training with several terrorist leaders. He has become on par with the Avatar in bending skills, and thinks of himself as a god.

In order to prove this, the prince has bet his life and throne that he can kill the Avatar with his bare hands. Suddenly, he is an a position where his arrogance might cause him to lose his life to the fires of his fellow nobles. Still, with his years of training, he may just be able to defeat Kirei if he can overcome his personal demons- the ghosts of those who he had killed in battle and the visions they send him. But even the most brilliant mind can be driven mad by the impending judgement of ghosts and fire.


Jigoku Kasai- Eighth Prince of the Empire. He is cold, calculating, patient, intelligent, serious and bloodlusted. Jigoku is only 19, yet the most brilliant general the world has ever seen. He justifies his ruthless plans to not just defeat the enemy but to completely demoralize it, with a single idea- The Mandate of Heaven. He claims that he has the divine right to rule, and destroy all who oppose him. He is very serious and takes everything literally, and even when someone is joking, he will really believe them. This leads to him being easily offended, which does not end well for the other person. He fights with firebending, utilizing lightning primarily. He also fights with a sword in his right hand, and a short spear in the left.

Avatar Kirei - Born to a fisherman and a fortune teller who moved to the Empire of Dragons believing the Fire Nation was going to be destroyed in the war. She was physically and verbally abused by parents who often were caught smuggling and selling illegal substances. One day, as her father was brutally beating her, she bent water from their kitchen into his face. Stunned, they realized she was the Avatar and was treated like a zoo animal, being exhibited and never being allowed outside. One day, she ran away and passed out near the palace. Jigoku's caretaker and butler, Zhonghu found her and brought her to the palace. She became Jigoku's best friend, and eventually more than a friend. But as Jigoku grew more detached and violent, she felt that he and the other members of the Empire were morally wrong. She fled the Empire and started fighting for the Fire Nation.


Part 1 - Born of Fire

1. The Terrorist Prince

2. Blood on Hands, No shame on Conscience

3. TBA

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