Of Burnt Badgermoles and Broken Dragons
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6 (set of 5 drabbles per chapter)

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5th February, 2014 – current




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Of Burnt Badgermoles and Broken Dragons is the latest story created by Fruipit in order to stave off the overwhelming boredom that's pressing down in her life. It is a reworked version of a previously-published AzulaxToph story, and after being inspired by FireLordFrowny's Toko drabbles on FFN (and a little encouragement from the author), she decided to fiddle with her old story a little.

Each chapter is comprised of five drabbles, with each drabble being exactly 100 words (according to FFN's word-counter when uploading documents).


Azula has recently been moved from her padded cell within the Fire Nation to a dingy cell in Republic City. It was done by Zuko so that he might protect her, however he cannot always save her from the monsters in her head; that's why Toph steps in.

Azula never expected to leave the asylum; she never, ever expected anyone to care enough about her. But that's not the reason–it can't be. No one cares about her, and no one ever will. It makes no difference to her where she rots.


I think it's rather interesting to see that this story has more views than it does words. People apparently like drabbles, and apparently like Azula and Toph in a potential relationship.



The original release of this story was also in drabble format, however there were no word limits placed on each section. It has been in development since the beginning of 2013, with things such as the title undergoing several brainstorms until the current one was chosen. However, the plot has largely remained the same.

This story has notes spanning quite a number of notebooks and text documents on my computer, which actually help with the 100 word limit as I can then spread our the chapters. This limit is interesting to me, because it is fun to try and develop the characters in so few words; generally, the more words you have, the more opportunities to progress the characters' personalities.


Azula: the insane sister of the Fire Lord, Azula has recently been moved to Republic City for protection after threats were made on the former prodigy's life.
Toph: new protector and guardian of Azula. She doesn't know what is wrong with Azula, but she knows that staying within the Fire Nation would not have helped.
Lin: daughter to the chief of police, and Azula's only friend. She likes talking to the pretty, young girl who doesn't talk back.


Current word count: 3,000
Set 1: Change of Scenery
Set 2: Alone and Lonely
Set 3: Needing Others
Set 4: Being Girl
Set 5: Without You
Set 6: Alarm Bells


This story has had good reviews from, and has currently been viewed almost 12,000 times ^^;

"Awwwww... Lin is so cute, especially compared to her future self xD nice chapter! It's amazing you can keep up the 100 word limit and still make it seem... complete. waay to short of course, but nice nonetheless. keep it up, I wanna know how it'll continue!"
"I can safely say that this is a well thought out story. Toph telling Zuko off, Lin sneaking into see Azula and not showing any fear as she has no idea who Azula is. Azula being confused by Lin makes it all the more adorable for Lin. I am just wondering if Zuko is going to go down and see her but at this point it doesn't seem likely as he doesn't seem to want anything to do with her. Toph seems to care about Azula's well being more than anyone I am interested to see where it goes with these two."
Exoduss on chapter 20.

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