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City Lights



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May 19, 2014

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(I see her, sometimes.)

Korra comes by again in the evening,
looking rather nonplussed as usual,
but with the barest flicker of happiness flickering across
that closed visage of hers.
I don't remember seeing her,
hearing her,
when she had first approached me.
Because my fingers were otherwise occupied,
flicking across thin strings,
brushing over metal;
ears listening for awkward,
But when I look up, she's there,
mouth agape, loose stature,
looking at me with something akin to astonishment in her eyes,
and I must have frowned,
because she blinks quickly and smiles at me and says,
"Wow. You have a nice voice."
"Keep it."
"Wh...what?" I stammer,
not quite sure what she means
by her apparent and welcomed encouragement.
"The guitar," she replies, still smiling,
wide and clear,
an arc of brightness pressed against her tanned skin,
"Keep it."
Then she leaves me.

She comes by the next time the day after Korra gives me the guitar,
BLT girl,
and this is the day when I first catch her eyes,
those wonderful and ethereal blue eyes,
and I don't think I will ever forget it—
—she meets my gaze,
and out of all things to do
when one catches
a homeless boy,
a street rat,
staring at them,
And what else can I do...?
I sit up,
the worn guitar clutched in a death grip in my hands.
I glance up into pools of liquid sky
(which are strangely still fixed on me)
and I offer BLT girl
a long overdue smile back.

(I see her, sometimes.)

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