By Bersarker Part of the Avengers: The Earth's Mightiest Heroes continuity.

Ocean Giganto are one type of species of Giganto that lived during the Era of Kaiju.


In era of Kaiju, the Ocean Giganto swimming throughout the Global Ocean of Earth in that time in order to searching for foods. Their preys are the Dunkleosteus, the biggest fishes that ever lived in the ocean. When the mass extinction is happened, most of them are died. Some survivors are now lived in the Subterranea.


Ocean Giganto are the biggest creatures in the ocean during the era of Kaiju. One Ocean Giganto have two big saber-teeth out from the mouth. They use their saber-teeth to grab and bite through the armor that covered the Dunkleosteus.


Ocean Giganto are the top predator in the ocean during the era of Kaiju. They can eat everything that they want but they mostly eat the Dunkleosteus.


  • They're the top predator in the ocean.
  • The adults have no predators.
  • They won't eat their next generation.

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