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The Obsidian Order, also known as The Xul Family, which was a family whose members made up the ranks of the Order, was a secret organization of assassins and bounty hunters who existed in the Avatar World for centuries, unknown to the four nations. They controlled many parts of the government and had high ranking government officials that were part of the Order. The Order was an organization of killers so they killed anyone who got in their way using Operatives. In the Order, there were several ranks, each of them hard to achieve. Order members were selected from the most talented children in the world, who were trained to become assassins, or the children of the Xul Family, a family whose members made up the ranks of the Order. Even if you were not a member of the Family but were in the Order, your last name was still Xul.



The origins of the Obsidian Order are largely unknown, though it is known that they were formed by an evil Fire Nation Avatar as his personal assassins, centuries before the War. The Obsidian Order continued to exist after his death and was led by his family, the Xul Family, members. Eventually, the world found out about them and they assassinated and one with proof of their existence and went into hiding. The Obsidian Order was barely remembered and it's name was lost in history.

The War

When Fire Lord Sozin started The War, in fact Sozin was an Order member and started the war to conquer the world for the Order, the Obsidian Order planted many spies as high-ranking officers in the Military of the Fire Nation. Shu was one, along with Liang and Bujing. They were responsible for most of the Fire Nation's victories during the war, and often Order Operatives were sent in to fight with the Fire Nation soldiers, wearing Fire Nation armor. After the Avatar was found and began turning the war in favor of the Earth Kingdom and Water Tribes, the Order fought harder than before and were planning to bomb the Northern Water Tribe by hijacking some of the Fire Nation's airships. When The War ended and Ozai was defeated, the Order got most of its spies out of the Fire Nation and other nations and waited for the next conflict to start.

New threat

About six months after the end of the war, a man known as Vade was found by Aang while he was staying at the Fire Nation Capital. Vade was secretly an evil man but appeared nice and kind hearted in front of the Avatar, and got Aang to help him with his plan. The world was constantly threatened by different organizations and individuals across the Earth who intended to do evil. Usually, the nation's military was on the evil-doer's side or was unable to react fast enough. Vade purposed a plan to the Avatar in which an organization of elite peace keeping fighters would be created, who forget all of their connections to whatever nation they came from, and were stationed in every nation in bases across the world. When a threat rises, they would find it and bring it down quickly and quietly. Aang agreed to this plan and helped Vade create that organization, which were known as the Imperial Legionnaires. In the years following, the IL, under Vade, recruited thousands of members and created bases and facilities world wide. Aang and Team Avatar still hadn't realized Vade's plan and helped him create the thing which later on took over most of the world. After several years, the IL was spread out throughout the world and Vade launched a full-scale invasion of the Earth, attacking all of the nations.


  • Yassen Xul (Royal Guard)- One of the Obsidian Order's best assassins, Yassen is a pure Xul Family member and was given the most important jobs of the Order.
  • Pyro Xul (Head Operative)- Another elite Order assassin who worked closely with Yassen. He was Yassen's assistant and was given allot of missions.


The Obsidian Order had several ranks, each of them hard to achieve.

  • Trainee - they were cadets that training to become Operatives. Many Trainees did not make it through training. They were ether Xul Family members or kidnapped children who stood out.
  • Operative - the basic soldiers of the Order. They carried out common missions. This rank was given to a Trainee who graduated training.
  • Trainer - Trainers were responsible for recruiting and training the Trainees. They were tough and brutal, and usually were ex-military from one of the four nations. To become a Trainer, you would have to pass a special test.
  • Head Operative - Head Operatives were squadron leaders. They were highly trained and managed the actions of the Order if their leader was busy with other matters.
  • Royal Guard - these are HIGHLY trained soldiers. They are given the vital task of guarding the Supreme Commander and go through intense training and are some of the Commander's most trusted soldiers.
  • Supreme Commander - The Supreme Commander is the Order's mysterious leader. Usually, Head Operatives run the organization and the Commander is unseen by anyone less of a Head Operative. He is mysterious and even most of the Xul Family don't know what he looks like.


As the Order grew throughout time, they made branches that had different purposes and jobs in the Order.

Army Corps

Army Corps was the main military fist of the Order. It was the largest branch and was made up of skilled Trainees and Operatives. The Army Corps were deployed on large scale missions and sometimes were sent to aid other Order soldiers on vital operations. They also provided heavy security and defense to Order bases and facilities.

Royal Guard

The Royal Guards were the most elite members of the Order and their numbers were small. Very few Order members joined the prestigious group of warriors. The Royal Guards were hand picked by the Supreme Commander and the task of guarding him with their lives. The Royal Guards also were given the most important missions in the Order.


Intelligence was one of the most secretive divisions. It's ranks were made up of the most loyal members of the Order who were in charge of spying and gathering intelligence on the Order's enemies. It's members were secret and were rarely seen by the Order's members. Only a few hand picked soldiers joined this division.

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