By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
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Unnamed male Diclonius

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Village of Spirits

Nyuu is a young female Diclonius whom Raven and Kyoushiro met in Altonia. Unlike most, If not all, Diclonius, Nyuu is a lot more innocent and friendly. But most history of other Diclonius make others scared of her anyway.

She was brought to Altonia quite unique from so many other people, including traveling spirits like Henki. She and her sister Lucy, had tried so hard to avoid getting killed in their own franchise. So after Nyuu nearly gets killed by her master, she and Lucy went as far away from civilization as possible. But when they did, for some odd reason a portal was seemingly opened up right in front of them. Having no where else to go, she and Lucy go right in, arriving in Altonia.

She first appears in the Village of spirits shortly after Raven and Kyoushiro arrived. She was found in the middle of town crying. Though in the story she never says why. Raven see her and goes over to help her, and they both walk off back to her new home.

Nyuu arrived to the championship with her new friends. She and Lucy had passes into the fighting event that Kyoushiro and Weed were given permission to use so they can team up for the event.

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