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04 December 2010

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Nowhere Man is the seventh chapter of the fanon series Avatar: Past Masters.


Lear joins as a secret helper to Azula's team not telling to his friends in order to know more about her. He finally becomes a reliable member of her group.


When Team Lotus arrived to Ember Island, they started searching for some lodging. In the way, Lear saw Azula inside a house. "Azula is here with her team", he thought, but he didn't tell anything to his friends, he had a plan.

Once Hira found a good place to stay, Lear sat down and thought about his plan: "First, I have to think an excuse to get away from here some hours; I can't tell anything because when I have to fight them, I want that it looks like a real fight. So, I need an excuse; a music concert? No. A bookshop? Yes, that will probably work. Then, I have to get a disguise and a mask. And then, I will go to visit Azula and I will help her... and all that, yeah, I know all the next things, it's unnecessary to think about it". So, Lear started his plan:

- Guys, I saw a giant bookshop when we were walking. I'm going to go now, I'll return soon, in some hours – Lear informed.

- I don't know why you are telling us that but, okay – Hira said.

"It's not good that Hira knows me so well", Lear thought when he went out. He started looking for a disguise store or a clothing store. Finally, with a new disguise and a red mask, he decided to go to the house where he saw Azula while he was planning his introduction.

When he arrived, he noticed Azula and her team were not there in the house, so he had time to think what he had to say and how to introduce himself. After two hours thinking, he heard steps, and he hid behind a bush and he saw Azula and her team entering to the house. He waited ten minutes and then he put the new mask in his face and knocked the door. Long Feng opened the door:

- Who are you? What do you want?

- Someone who wants to help you. I know who are you and your friends. She is Azula, ex-princess of the Fire Nation – Hira said and Long Feng closed the door.

Lear waited for ten minutes more and Long Feng opened the door again.

- What do you want to do? And why?

- I want to help you. I'm against the actual government in the Fire Nation and the Fire Lord. And I suppose you are trying to overthrow him. Believe me, I can help a lot. What do you say?

- Come in.

Lear saw Azula and Nenshou stopped talking when he entered to the room:

- Who are you? – Azula asked.

- I'm a man who has the same purposes than you and who wants to do anything to help.

- So, do you want to join the group?

- No. I don't know. I just want to help you and see another Fire Lord doing the right things.

- Okay, but, why are you using that mask? Do you think that we're going to allowed you to help us if you're using that mask?

- I like to use the mask. It is my personal characteristic.

- If you want to help, give me the mask. Or get out of here – Azula said preparing a blue fire ball in his hand.

- Okay, but I want to use it during fights. It's really necessary for me – Lear said and he gave the mask to Azula.

- So, come here tomorrow at 8 o'clock. We will test your skills – Azula cried out.

And Lear went out of the house, smiling inside, happy to know his plan was working perfectly. Azula had not noticed his identity. She only had seen him for two minutes before; and Lear had tried to change his face with make-up while he was waiting behind the bush. On the way home, he saw Sokka buying fruits in the market, so he decided to test his new face. He took the boomerang of Sokka and started running. Sokka, furious, wanted to catch him and started a persecution. Lear decreased his velocity and Sokka fell on him.

- Give me my boomerang – Sokka said taking away the weapon from the hands of the thief.

- Take it. Don't worry, it was a joke – Lear changed his voice trying to stand up.

- Mmm... Next time, I won't believe you. And I don't believe you now, but... I don't know. Bye. Buy your own boomerang – and Sokka went back to the house.

Lear was surprised that his disguise was perfect. Even Sokka didn't recognize him. He took a faster way to the house to arrive before Sokka. Toph and Hira were there and they didn't ask him anything. So, Lear said: "Where is Sokka?", "He went to buy some fruits. He went out hours ago, I don't know why he is not here yet". "Do you think he's fine?", Lear was 'worried'. "Yes, I think. You know how Sokka is. He must be distracted with something else", Toph answered. In that moment Sokka arrived to the house.

- What happened, Sokka? – Lear said.

- I had a problem in the market. But it's not important. It was...

- Someone stole your boomerang? – Lear tried to guess.

- Yes! How do you know?! Did you see it?

- No, but I see your boomerang is in a different position. In the morning you had it in the other hip. So, you used it for something and you're not afraid, so nobody attacked you and you didn't need to defend yourself. Therefore, somebody tried to steal it.

- Yes, you're right. But I recovered it quickly; he said it was a 'joke'.

- Who? – Lear asked.

- The thief.

- Ah.

Next day, in the morning, Lear woke up and went to Azula's house trying not to make noise. He knocked the door. "Come in", Long Feng said. Azula was waiting, "What's your name?", "I'm Tetsu", "Tetsu? That's your name?", "Yes, that's my name". "So, if you want to help us, I want to see what you are capable? You have to... Wait, first, are you a bender?", "No, I'm not", "Okay, you have to kill a platypus bear and bring me the body", "How am I going to bring the body here? All people would see it", "That's your problem", "Well, it's easy", "You have 30 minutes, since now", "30 minutes? Okay, I better start looking for the animal. How will you know if I find a death platypus bear?", "Long Feng will go with you". And they went to the forest.

"Hey, Long Feng, you are an earthbender, right?", "None of your business", "Do you want to help me?", "I can't", "But you want to", "...", "Come on, I know you want that I pass the test", "Why do you think that?", "Because you're bored, you want my help in the team. Azula orders to you all the boring work, if I help you, she will order that things to me, because I would be the new guy", "I will help you only if you need it", "Okay, thank you, but I think I won't need it. I just wanted to know if you were disposed to help me".

Lear felt a platypus bear with seismic sense, but he waited for Long Feng to see it. "There's one", Long Feng noticed, "Where?", "There!". The animal was about 300 feet away. Lear took his bow and an arrow from his quiver and shot it, the creature received the arrow on his forehead and fell dead instantly. "It's dead, come on, let's put the body in some bag", "Wait, how do you do... What? Ah, the bag", Long Feng was amazed. They put the body into a bag and then on a barrow. Then, they returned to Azula's house and Lear showed her the corpse. "It was easy. It's still hot", "Okay, you can help us. Look, we are going to attack a group of children tomorrow", "Who are they?", "Enemies, Nenshou saw them today in a house, we have fought with them before, they are three. Two of them are friends of the Avatar and the other one is a firebender. You are going to fight alone, we are going to be hidden, if you're dying, we will help you, it's also a kind of test. Ah, the girl is an earthbender and she's very powerful, consider that". "Okay, tomorrow, eh?", "Yeah, same hour", "I will see if they are so powerful as you say". And Lear returned to his house.

Hira, Sokka and Toph were having breakfast.

- Where were you, Lear? – Toph asked.

- I went to walk.

- And why are you so dirty? – Sokka continued the interrogation.

- Ah, I fell off a cliff and I had to climb to get out.

- Really? What cliff? – Hira asked. He was surprised that his friend could fall on a cliff.

- A cliff near to the forest.

- That's weird for you. Those things would not normally happen to you. What's wrong? – Hira tried to find out.

- Nothing. I just was distracted – Lear said while he thought: "Hira is already noticing something strange".

- Why? You're in love? Or what? – Hira continued.

- No, I'm not, fortunately. I was thinking in future plans to defeat Azula.

- Sure. I won't ask you the plans you thought yet.

- Okay.

- So, Lear – Sokka interrupted – I don't know why we are here. What we are going to do today?

- Ah, Sokka, I will take you today to a special place I know in this island.

- What is it? – Toph asked – I want to go too.

- Of course, but I can't tell you now. You, Sokka and I are going to go there. Hira is going to stay home.

- Why Hira is going to...? – Sokka tried to ask.

- Because he thinks I will find out what he did in the morning. Isn't it, Lear? – Hira said.

- Thanks, Hira, but you didn't have to say it out loud – Lear answered.

The three friends went to a house were a man was teaching martial arts. "It's necessary to know about martial arts before a big war, don't you think?", Lear said, "We already know how to fight", Toph answered, "It's not the same thing", Lear added. "I agree. But I want an advanced class", Sokka said enthusiastic. "Okay, no problem, it's free".

After two hours of martial arts class, that Lear used to think how to defeat Hira, Toph and Sokka without earth, the friends returned home. Sokka and Toph were impressed that they liked the class so much. "Thanks, Lear, I really enjoyed the class", Sokka thanked. "Okay. I saw the poster while I was walking in the morning".

In the house, Hira was reading.

- So, what did you do?

- It's a secret. We can't tell you - Lear answered.

- Okay, but you have to teach me later.

- Did you follow us?

- Yes. I wanted to know what you were doing.

- As you saw, it was a good thing. But, how I didn't feel your steps?

- I also know many tricks.

They pass the rest of the day at home. And next morning, Lear woke up and he found Hira next to the door. "Where are you going?", "I go to walk again", "Don't be late", "Okay, see ya" ('It's good he's awake', he thought).

"I'm ready. But, please, my mask", Lear requested to Azula. "Take it, let's go". Azula, Long Feng, Nenshou and Tetsu went to visit Team Lotus. "I want to use an arrow first, I can see one of them from here", Lear said when he and Azula were in a maple; "It's your job". Lear took an arrow from his quiver and prepared his bow, then he simulated a fall and the arrow hit a wall inside the house. Hira immediately reacted and woke up to his friends. So, Lear jumped and entered through the window. Hira shot a fire ball to Lear, but he dodged it, he took another arrow and threw it to Toph, who received the shot in her chest and fell down. Lear took out his dual swords and approached Sokka, who tried to defend himself with his club, while Lear was creating a lightning. Lear couldn't hurt Sokka, but he turned back and he saw the lightning close to him ('I need to use earth', he thought), but he tried to block it with his metal swords; he was hit anyway, and the lightning pushed him back quickly, hitting him against the wall. Lear was half-conscious, but he tried to move and he could get out of the house, due to Hira and Sokka were trying to help Toph. Hira could see Azula in the tree with the masked enemy, running away. "Where is Lear? He must know. And he has to be with us if Azula comes again", "Azula?", "Yes, I saw Azula out there, that man with the mask is one of his helpers. He's powerful, despite he's not a bender". After some minutes, Sokka informed to Hira: "Toph is dead", "What?!", "She has lost too much blood and her heart has stopped beating". Sokka cried. "No! Are you sure?!", "I'm afraid so".

"Well done. I knew you were going to lose, you're not a bender, and they're powerful benders, but you survived, that's enough for the first time. You're part of the team", Azula informed to Tetsu. "Thank you", Lear answered still a bit stunned.

Lear returned home and he found Sokka crying and Hira impatient, a burned wall and a lump covered with a sheet. "What happened?"; "Toph died", Hira announced, Why?", "A man with a mask came to the house and attacked us, he threw an arrow to Toph and... she died"; "A man with a mask?"; "If you had been here, this had not happened", Hira said angry. "It's not my fault". Hira and Sokka remained silent. "Okay, you can't be sad for the rest of your lives. Give me the body, I'm going to bury it. Come on, you can't do that right now, and it's necessary". Hira and Sokka just went to their bedrooms. "Whiners", Lear thought. And he went to the forest with Toph.

Lear took out a bottle from Toph's pocket and opened it; he poured the liquid into her mouth and she started coughing. Toph opened her eyes and she said: "Are you okay, Lear?", "Yes, Hira used a lightning, but I'm okay, thanks. How about you?", "I'm good, but I only remember when you came in through the window". "That's good, normally, people don't remember anything". "So, you have done this before?", "Yes, many times. Bumi taught me", "Do you mean your father?", "Yes, Bumi". "Why did you choose me for this plan?", "Because you would notice who was the man who attacked you, you already know my steps, right?", "Yes, you're right. You thought about everything. Take, I only need one bag of blood, I don't know what to do with these ones. So, how did the guys react when they thought I was dead?", "Well, I'm going to tell you a detailed description. When I arrived to the house, Sokka was crying desperately, he couldn't talk (Lear noticed that Toph felt a bit of sorrow that she tried to hide when she heard that). It was expected, but Hira also was sad, I know it's common, but not for him, he was really sad and I don't know why", "You don't know why? Because he thinks I'm dead!", "I know, but he would not get extremely sad normally at the death of a friend, I haven't see his like that since his mother died. That means he loves you; did you know that, Toph?", "Do you mean he loves me as a friend, right?", "No, I mean more than as a friend. He is in love with you", "Only because he is sad due to my death, it doesn't mean that he's in love with me", "That's what you think, but I know him better, and I'm not saying this only for this observation, I have noticed many others signs that support my theory", "Like what?", "Well, I also can feel vibrations with my feet, and when he is with you, his heart beats faster", "I also have noticed that, but the cause could be something else", "No, it's not. Moreover, that's only one thing, I've noticed many others. Ah, and he's afraid that I could find out this", "I don't believe you. If you are convinced you're right, why did you decide to tell this to me?", "I want to warn you, you have to be ready when he decides to tell you something", "I don't believe you yet", "Okay, it's your choice. Then, you can't say I didn't warn you".

Lear returned to the house of Azula while Toph waited outside. After two hours, he finished and they went to their house. "Could you find out something?", "Of course, they already trust me. I know some very important things that I'll tell you later. Let's go home", "What do you think Sokka and Hira are going to do now?", "They will jump for joy, and Hira will say that he always suspected it was a trick. But that would be a lie". When they arrived home, Lear said: "I have to inform something. Toph is alive. It was a plan that I created to know more about Azu...", "Where's Toph?!", Sokka said angry and joyful at the same time. Hira, who was near to the door, immediately hugged Toph with strength and he said in her ear: "I missed you so much", and he dropped a tear. And Toph looked at Lear, who was smiling. "I always suspected it was a trick", Hira said. After Sokka hugged her too, he got upset with Lear, "Why you always have to make plans with false deaths?!", "It's not always, only the last two times. It was appropriate under the circumstances. That's all".

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