Northern Air Temple in 171 AG
Northern Air Temple (Short)
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Ganto - Airbender From Northern Air Temple


Book 1:Arrival



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May 24, 2012

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Welcome To Republic City

It was Monday, the wind was deadly cold. In Northern Air Temple, everything was quiet. Ganto walked to the bison stables where his Bison was waiting. He looked at the bison and sighed. "We should leave the Temple, father has died and...I can't stay here any longer. I think you agree with me?" he said, the giant bison growled. Suddenly a winged lemur flied on Ganto's shoulder.

"Hey Pedro..."Ganto smiled. He looked at the giant bison again, then at Pedro.

"Wait here Ropa, I'll be back..."

Ganto ran into temple, he ran into the room where the Council of Elders used be. He walked to his fathers grave and looked down.

"I'm sorry father, but I have to leave. And I think you know why. I have been here since age of six, after mother's death I could never leave this place...Air is the element of freedom and I like to be free like the wind, and go where ever it takes me. Now I need to go to Republic City, I know it may be dangerous..But I need to get there. I hope you understand. Good bye, father..."Ganto sighed and walked out of the room, walked back to the bison stables and airbend him self up.

"Ropa, Yip, Yip!" Ganto said and Ropa flew high in the air towards Republic City. Ganto looked back at the temple, then at front and kept flying towards the city.

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