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Norio Date
Biographical information

United Republic



Physical description


Hair color

Light Gray

Eye color


Personal information

Moshui, Suyin Lao, Ila Amaruq


Order of the White Lotus

Chronological and political information

Anying Jiaoben


Norio Date is an elderly man of Earth Kingdom descent currently in the employment of Anying Jiaoben.


Norio is a rather unassuming old man. He stands at about 164 centimeters with wrinkles creasing his face and thinning light gray hair atop his head. Oftentimes, he dresses himself in simple business attire: suits, sometimes with an overcoat to protect against the weather.


Though largely a non-combatant, Norio can be almost pugnacious in his quick tongue and wit. His hearing and sight truly are bad, though he greatly uses this to his advantage. Effectively, by pretending not to hear, Norio can manipulate, irritate, and provoke others - something from which he derives great pleasure. Further, he uses his elderly visage to come across as a "helpless old man" type. In particular, he tries to pick up women using this tactic, though usually they are oblivious to his ulterior motives. Over the years, he has exercised his brain through gambling and has learned how to manipulate almost any game to make quite a bit of coin for his criminal organization. He has virtually no moral compass, which only serves to further his abilities.


Norio is a Japanese male name meaning "man of principles"

• The character is one of the writer's first attempts at creating a central elderly character in her writing

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