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"Noriko is a young girl; she is a vulnerable 15 years old."

"She is a very special girl though; her talents could help keep the world in a peaceful era. The war ended on the day she was born, that has to count for something."

"She can't become a violent person. I fear if she does learn to become a firebender she will turn into a vicious


"... She is a vulnerable 15 years..."


"Ma'am I assure you- she would be taught by one of the last peace generals. She was trained to teach students master the art and beauty of it, not make her violent. She would be taught in a curriculum approved by Avatar Aang himself. Please, consider it."

That is how all of my market-day mornings go down, Mother argues with people trying to get me to go to a firebending academy, and they bring up my birth story. Everyone thinks it is an omen, but it depends who you ask if it is good or not. Mother thinks it is bad because I was born on the day of Sozins Comet and Sozin is the one who started the war, but Grandmother thinks I will have strength like a firebending leader, and be able to stop anyone like Avatar Aang did. Mother just wanted me to be safe, but I would be, according to that old man at Market-days. I actually want to go really badly. Every now and then, the night before market-days I pack a bag as if I were actually leaving with him in the morning, but I just unpack it when I'm done pretending, because there isn't a chance I'm going before I move out of Mother's inn.

When Mother is picking fruit, sometimes I speak with Grandmother about it, she understands me, much more than Mother does, at least I have someone to talk with. I think one of these days I should just leave. The only thing that stops me is Mother, she wouldn't have anyone to help, Grandmother is too old, and why should the inns customers help her, even if she is a Nobles wife. Its terribly sad Mother has to own an inn, saying my father is probably the best noble there is in the Fire Nation. But really I think it is just a hobby for her. Tomorrow I am going to see Father in his study; he doesn't call for any of his 5 children unless it is very important. Maybe this talk will be about me going to the Firebending academy! I will have to find out and write about it, for now, goodbye!!


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