By Avatar Vyakara Part of the Noodles continuity.

This is a list of all the slang (to be) used in my fan fiction, Noodles. Available for alternate usage, just ask me first.

Water Tribes

All Wet To be all wet is to be confused and bedraggled, uncertain of what one is doing. Alternatively, it serves as a compliment for Ethnic Tribers.

Dry Up! Literally, either "get lost" or "stop talking".

Ethnic Triber One who is fresh off the boat from either of the Water Tribes, and has no ancestry in the colonies or in Republic City.

Moisten Up! Said to encourage relaxation.

Palook A garment common in the Southern Water Tribe. "You've got your palook on tight" means one is a clever person, but somewhat blinded to the possibilities.

Yahoo A person with little worth; possibly derived from the canoe term aquk "stern, back".

Northwestern Earth Kingdom

Colonies The slang term given to any city other than Republic City in the United Republic. Related is Colonist below.

Colonist One who has several generations of family going back to the Hundred Year War; usually meant as "rustic, old-fashioned".

Elephant-Rat An object or topic that you suspect to be out of place and really don't want to go into, but that has to be addressed. The full phrase is, "I smell an elephant-rat in the room."


Nitty Gritty If things are getting nitty gritty, it means they're going back to normal.

Spit Pool A group of overly polite people.

Fire Nation

Flameo A mild expletive.

Jang Hui To be Jang Hui is to be very excited about something (immigrants from there tend to be full of optimism to an alarming degree). "Don't be so Jang Hui about it, this is gonna be hard."

Turtle-Duck Speak Seeing as turtle ducks are usually quite peaceful animals with a hard shell, to speak Turtle-Duck-wise is to choose words or inflections that are easily interpretable as positive by either side of an argument.

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