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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the Earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.

Warning! This page contains spoilers for Nomad.

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Nomad - technically known as Avatar: Nomad, and Book Four: Air - is a story set 4 years after Sozin's Comet ended. It is within the continuity of Elements: Saga of the Avatar.

It is divided into 2 Parts, Book 1: Spirit and Book 2: Energy.

Each chapter is approximately 3000 words. There are also many extra information pages being written, to high standards.

Currently Nomad is on hold, the author having no plans to keep writing it.


Aang is 17. Ozai has been assassinated. Team Avatar struggles in the new world, and Aang searches for a way to fully master Energybending and reestablish the Airbenders, but recently escaped Azula and her followers are determined to avenge the Old Fire Nation.

Plot Overview


It has been 4 years since Ozai and Azula were imprisoned, and the world has been living relatively well. A few days after Sozin's Comet, Ozai was assassinated in his prison cell by an unknown party. Azula's around-the-clock watching, and mental training (plus weekly visits from Mai and Ty Lee) have put here into a relatively stable mental state. Team Avatar, which is Aang, Katara, Sokka, Suki, Toph, Zuko, Ty Lee and Mai have become an unofficial council for the rebuilding of the world. Everyone lives on Kyoshi Island, except Mai and Zuko (married), who visit frequently. Aang has tried restlestly while not serving Avatar Duty, to make new Airbenders. The Northern Air Temple false-Air Nomads have expressed willing to be the new Air Nomads. Aang is, however, not powerful enough in Energybending to do this. He has also gone to the Library to find information, but to no avail, yet.


The Chapter list contains an abundancy of spoilers for Nomad. Chapters in italic will never be written/released.

Book 1: Spirit

Chapter 1: Black Fire Part One: Four Years Passed >READ

Four years after Sozin's Comet, Team Avatar attend Fire Lady Mai's birthday party in the Fire Nation Royal palace. However, it is disrupted by an Assassin.

Chapter 2: Black Fire Part Two: An Important Night >READ

Azula escapes. Aang and Zuko confront the evil Blackshock.

Chapter 3: The Secret Base >READ

Aang, Katara and Sokka set off to the Southern Water Tribe, but Sokka disappears, and they discover something frightening.

Chapter 4: The Hidden Islands >READ

Aang, Katara and Sokka crash in the Hidden Islands, and find a Waterbending village. They are entangled in the Island's politics.

Chapter 5: The South Pole >READ

Aang, Katara and Sokka finally make it to the South Pole, which is being rebuilt at exponential rates. However, Pakku and Hakoda are missing.

Chapter 6: The Great Gates of Azulon Part One >READ

Zuko must conduct a huge ceremony that will declare the Fire Nation open for trade. But at the worst possible time, Blackshock strikes again.

Chapter 7: The Great Gates of Azulon Part Two >READ

Zuko and Aang struggle to escape the hold of their handlers and go liberate the Great Gates of Azulon from Blackshock's clutches.

Chapter 8: Azula Alone

Chapter 9: Mosquitoes

Chapter 10

Chapter 11: Enter the Spirit World

Chapter 12: The Dark Avatar (Spirit World Part Two)

Chapter 13: Malu the Airbender (Spirit World Part Three)

Chapter 14: The World

Book 2: Energy

Book two will most likely never be released.

Book 2 would be longer, probably 16-20 chapters. It would be the final part of the series.



After Nomad, the people of the Northern Air Temple become true Airbenders. There is then an overwhelming response from non-benders in the world to be Energybended. With the new peace between nations, over the course of about 10 years, some Fire Nation, Water Tribe and Earth Kingdom people want bending not regular to their nation. Soon, unorthodox Fire, Earth, Water and Airbenders come to the world. On a small island, in the seas west of the Earth Kingdom, a cultural world capital is formed - Centralium - over the course of 50 years. This is where the Fire Lord, Earth King, Water Tribal chiefs and Air Archons come every 4 years for the World Festival, and a summit to discuss the politics of the world. By the time Aang dies naturally in 200 AG (The rest of Team Avatar die naturally from 180-192 AG), there are huge sprawling networks of more advanced - no longer all snow and ice - Water Tribe cities across the poles and semi-polar islands. Cities are made on the Air Nomad lands, now called the Air Confederation, and all kinds of benders live once more. The world is finally in a perfect balance.


Nomad was actually thought up a long time ago, but never put into production. Originally, Team Avatar was meant to be in the Spirit World the whole series, being pursued by Azula. However, this idea was changed, but still incorporated into the end of the first book.

The first episode was written in December, 2009, and the second was meant to follow suit, however, the author didn't have time to write it, and put it off until February. After this, episodes regularly came out every Saturday, a deadline the author sometimes struggles to meet.

The average chapter length is 3000 words, one of the highest on Avatar Fanon.


With the release of some information about Legend of Korra, there are some interestingly similar parallels between the epilogue above (which was written several years before any Korra news was released) and upcoming spin-off, such as Centralium and Republic City. However, there are also differences such as there being no new Airbenders other than Aang's descendants in Korra.


On deviantART, the main channel for the fanfiction, the series was well received by a small group of readers. It is still relatively unknown on Avatar Fanon.

Waterkai was the first user to comment on the story on Avatar Wiki, saying it was really well-written and descriptive.

In the future, the story may have a few scenes turned into Mangas.

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