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"You also had the lonesome distinction of being the last Airbender on Earth. Now, you're the last Energybender. It's such a burden to undertake. You shouldn't have to undertake it alone."
— Nola in Hopes of Redemption
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The New Air Nomads

Nola is a character in the fanon Avatar: Energy Saga. She is one of the new Air Nomads Aang granted Airbending to using Energybending. Not much about her early background before she became an airbender is known. She mastered the art of airbending quickly and eventually became a member of the Council of Elders.


Early Life

Nola was born in 90 AG in one of the three remaining nations during the Hundred Year War to two unknown parents. When she was ten years old, the war finally ended and the world was at peace.

Joining the Air Nomads

When Avatar Aang started using Energybending to give Airbending to certain people to bring back the most devastated of the four nations, news spread throughout the land and many people traveled to the Southern Air Temple to be considered for learning airbending and becoming Air Nomads. Some wanted to rebuild their lives lost due to the war and some simply wanted to gain bending powers. Nola was eager to have the opportunity to be granted bending by the Avatar and was thrilled to be able to participate. However, once she was given airbending, Nola became noticeably more aloof and disinterested in acclimating herself to Air Nomad life. Nevertheless she was a talented bender and rose through the ranks quickly, although Aang did not fully understand her.

Council of Elders

In the new Air Nomads created by Aang, advancement was based on merit and not age or seniority. As people were granted their abilities through energybending, they all started at different ages. Nola was one of the more notable and powerful students. She was promoted to the co-ed Council of Elders at the Southern Air Temple and served alongside Trinley, Feng Qu, Rensa and Shao. The Council of Elders frequently gave reports to Aang on the progress of their civilization. Nola, Shao and Icarus did not appear to fully understand energybending and once asked Aang to teach it to them as a higher level form of airbending, which Aang explained that he could not do. Although on the Council of Elders, Nola was not as excited about certain parts of Air Nomad life like the other council members such as playing Air Ball.


Nola is a calm, dutiful airbender. She does what is required of her without complaint and asks nothing in return. She seems unhappy with the way her life has turned out, though no one knows why. She can be short and abrasive in her interactions with people and is not easy to build a strong connection or friendship with.

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