By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom

Birth place



Ba Sing Se




Killed during Uragaan stampede (reincarnated into Lycaeon)

Physical description


Hair color

Black, brown

Eye color


Personal information

Team Avatar

Chronological and political information

Team Avatar

First appearance
  • First - Arrival
  • Last - The Stampede

Nobutora is a striped teenaged dog that was rescued by Katara when he, Weed, Mel, and Kyoushiro got lost in the winter storm.

He appears with Team Avatar at the beginning and didn't talk much until they reach the South Pole. He asks Toph if she was okay when he sees her shivering in the snow. He tries to help to warm Toph up for the rest of the time until they were thrown into the thin ice.

Nobutora woke up with Weed and Mel afterwards and started wondering how can the South Pole turn into a forest so soon. His answer came up when Weed showed him and Mel the large plain. He went along with the idea of going with Mel into the plain to find their friends.

Nobutora was mainly a helper as they were traveling along their trip with the Aptonoth herd. He helped Mel as they were escapeing from the Lightning Wolf.

After traveling for abut, Nobutora began to sense that someone or something is watching them. He tries to figure it out but Weed tells him to calm down and he does until he gets worried again as they travel through the canyon. As he and Weed ran ahead, they both accidentally slip and they fall to the floor! He was unscaved but things changed when the herd found them. He tried running with Weed in his mouth but then he suddenly loses his grip on his friend, and later his life, getting killed in the stampede. All that was left was a tuff of his due that Mel took with him.

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