Nobody Listens to a 12 Year Old
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Nobody Listens to a 12 Year Old is the first chapter of Avatar: The Alternate Series. In this chapter, Kuzon deals with his team of Firebenders who refuse to follow his orders.

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The sun set over the Fire Nation Capital and Kuzon looked out from the balcony of his bedroom, it was the same room he used before the iceberg incident. He was glad to be home; Fire Lord Zuko walked into the room, Kuzon turned around and asked Zuko what he came for.

"You're a very powerful bender" said Zuko "You also have good combat skills. I have decided to form an elite group of Firebenders since I still believe there are rebels who are mad about the end of the war, I want you to be the Commander"

Kuzon was happy to hear this and he bowed to Zuko "Thank you".

The next day Kuzon was wearing a brand new Fire Navy uniform that was custom-made to fit him. He walked down the hall of the palace and into a large room where about 20 soldiers were waiting for him; they didn't look impressed to see Kuzon, clearly they were expecting somebody much older. "Good morning, everybody" said Kuzon to his soldiers. "I am your Commander, my name is Kuzon. I may look young, it's a long story. I am the brother of Fire Lord Azulon, son of Fire Lord Sozin, Great-Uncle to the current Fire Lord Zuko."

The Soldiers still didn't look impressed. Kuzon gave them orders to begin their training, but none of then moved. "We don't take orders from kids" one of them said. Kuzon looked disappointed. He begged them, but still they didn't move. Kuzon left. He didn't think he would be good enough anyway.

That night, Aang came to his bedroom "So how did it go today Commander Kuzon?"

Kuzon looked up at him "Not good, none of them will listen to me. They think I'm just some dumb kid."

Aang was shocked. "Kuzon, you're not a dumb kid, you're the youngest Firebending Master in the world. You're a really powerful Firebender too. You saved a dragon egg from poachers and you helped me defeat Ozai. You're a lot of things, but not a dumb kid."

Kuzon was happy by Aang's inspirational speech. He had done a lot of things in the past and was very powerful. He would show his soldiers just what he could do. The next day all the soldiers were waiting for Kuzon; they didn't want to be there, but if they wanted to keep their jobs, and their lives, they had to. They were all expecting Kuzon to walk in and beg them to take his orders, but they were wrong. The door burst open and flames came through it. The soldiers thought they were under attack and got ready to fight. Kuzon emerged from the flames, and he was angry. His arms burst into flames, it didn't hurt him because it was one of his abilities, and addressed his soldiers. "I hope you had time to think about your place in the Fire Navy last night, because you should know that you're the soldiers and I am the commander. Soldiers take orders from Commanders. It doesn't matter if I'm 12 years old, I am your superior." He walked over to the soldier that spoke up about his age the previous day and pointed a flaming finger at him "What if the Fire Nation was under attack? Would you take my orders then? What if Fire Lord Zuko was attacked by rebels? Would you take my orders then? There's no point asking because you will take my orders no matter what!" He shot a flame at one of the training dummies and it was instantly reduced to fire wood "If any of you step out of line like that again, you'll meet the same fate as the dummy. Is that clear?" The soldiers nodded. "Good, now get to your training" said Kuzon. All the soldiers ran off to a training dummy, fear was clearly in their eyes. Kuzon was happy he had shown the soldiers who was boss.

Later that day, Kuzon was sitting in the garden feeding the turtle ducks when a soldier sat down next to him.

"Commander, I apologize on behalf of the whole team. We shouldn't have gone against you because of your age, we're all only new to the Fire Navy and we were expecting an older commander" He said.

Kuzon turned to face him. "That's alright. I know it's a little strange to take orders from kids. Nobody ever listened to me even when I was the prince, I used to always worry about when I became the Fire Lord; I'm relieved that never happened." The soldier got up and apologized to Kuzon once again, and then he left.

The next day he was talking to Aang while he was off duty. "I showed them who's boss and you should have seen them run when I told them to begin their training." Aang and Kuzon laughed together. Zuko walked into the room and joined the conversation about Kuzon's day with his soldiers. Kuzon was proud of having an important role in the safety of the Fire Nation and the Fire Lord. He just hoped his soldiers wouldn't be scared of him now.

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