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In a time, long ago. War raged across Patria, concerning all elements. Flamma, the Benders of Fire wanted power. Flamma was strong; the other Elements were crumbling. The fate of Patria was linked to the destiny of one...


Three soldiers came, along with two archers, to take me to my cell. The archers had arrows strung and aimed at my torso. The soldiers unchained me and pinned my hands behind my back, hard. I didn't even try to struggle. The soldiers knew that I was the assassin that killed their captain three years ago. Now eighteen, I knew that they were aware that my lethality had multiplied tenfold.

They brought me to a circular stone room. Two parallel pillars stood in the center of the room. Chains hung limply from the pillars. I heard a rat scuttle into a crack near the door. There were no windows and only one door.

After clamping my wrists and ankles they left. The archers backed out slowly keeping their arrows aimed until the door was closed. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply. When I exhaled I tried to feel the water around me. Drip! Drip! Drip! To my right I heard water dripping from the ceiling to the hard stone floor forming a puddle. I smiled; Zosime had taught me the technique.

The sun had set and the full moon was shining bright. The ceiling was made of wood planks; rays of moonlight fell from the crack in between the boards. I breathed in the power of the moon. I raised my hands from their limp position. I waved my hand up and down, slowly. The water rippled, and gradually rose. Curling my fingers in and out the water inched forward. So close, just a little farther, almost there.

Creak! The door opened, I dropped the water.

A figure slipped through the door and quietly closed it behind him. I assumed it was a him. There wasn't many hers here. He was dressed from head to foot in black. His face was covered by black cloth. He pulled two broadswords from a sheaths on his back. Stepping closer, I gave him a lethal glare. Still advancing I prepared myself for pain, for surely this was the reason he was here. To torture me before my trial.

As he raised his swords I lowered my gaze and hung my head. Whoosh! Air wisped by my head and my arms slapped against my sides. I looked up at the figure with wonder. He cut the chains on my ankles as well. I rubbed sore wrists, but noticed that the clasps were still there he had just cut the chains. I nodded to myself acknowledging the fact that full function would be difficult with the uncomfortable iron clamps.

I gazed up at the figure, determination clear on my countenance. He nodded to the door. I understood, as we crept down the halls I began to wonder which element this man was from.If this Elementum didn't want his identity known he would have taken all measures to assure his success.

Agility was definitely one of his strengths, which could suggest Ventus, or even Unda. But I couldn't see how an Unda could get here that fast. He was probably Ventus. I sighed of all the Elements I get stuck saving a Ventus, the peaceful ones.

The figure raised his hand, a signal to stop. He peeked around the corner. We had reached the clearing between the fort and the wall. It was a long way to the wall. Guards were patrolling the clearing every few yards. A plan started forming in my mind, assuming the Ventus was good with the broadswords, he could distract him while I shot arrows at the wall creating foot and hand holds for scaling the wall. Perfect.

I reached back to pull an arrow from my quiver. Wait! I didn't have my quiver! Or my water! Or my bow! Panicking I grabbed the Ventus' shoulder. He looked back, "I don't have my bow and arrows or my water. We'll never make it to the wall if I'm unarmed," I whispered urgently. He sighed and shook his head, clearly annoyed.

We crept silently back down the hallway and through an intricate network of corridors. Finally, we reached a door with glowing orange lettering on it. It was obviously Flamma tongue.

The Noble Elementums made a language for each of the elements that only they could understand. Elementums knew their tongue from birth and none of the other Elements could translate it.

Hoping this sign said "Weapons", we entered. Inside two guards were inspecting spears and swords. They looked up and to their surprise they saw the main prisoner, me. I ran at them, clipping their temples with my foot they both fell to the ground unconscious. I fumbled around for my leather pouch and my bow and arrow. Surprisingly, I found my leather pouch still full with water. My bow and quiver lay on a shelf which was probably the "Confiscated" weapons.

Now fully armed, I followed the Ventus back through the passages. Soon my thoughts began to wander again. It was curious that the Ventus knew his way around so well. And how did he know that we were going to the weapon room. He must have an inside man, I convinced myself. I ignored the voice and silently followed the Ventus back to the clearing.

I drew my plan in the dirt, occasionally whispering details. The Ventus understood.

We ran into the clearing the Ventus in front of me about three yards. Guards noticed us immediately shout to their colleagues. As soon as the wall came into range I started shooting. All of my arrows stuck to the wall like tree sap. I was half way up the wall when a guard figured out what I was doing. Yelling a battle cry, the young guard charged, sword in hand. I lowered my bow and bended my water. Making a water whip I struck his hand. Shocked, the guard dropped his sword.

After a moment's hesitation he resumed he charged, but this time he bended his fire and prepared a fireball. Before the ball was complete I wrapped my water around his right hand. Confusion over took the guard's face. Pulling the water to the left, the guard punched himself in the side of the head, knocking him unconscious.

I glanced at the Ventus, making sure he was still alive. Amazingly he was. He was surrounded by guards all armed with spears and swords. He was disarming the guards with amazing speed. Although he was having great success with the broadswords, I knew he wouldn't hold out much longer. Stringing another arrow I hurried to finish my job.

I took a deep breath. Done. Flinging my bow across my back I pulled out my water. In two short motions I cleared half of the guards surrounding the Ventus. His head turned toward me, I nodded. He focused on the other half of the guards. He ran at full speed and flipped over them, swinging his swords at their helmets. Most of them fell to the ground unconscious.

I was now positioned at the wall where my arrows were nailed to in between the bricks. He ran toward me, quickly disarming any guards opposing him.

He started to climb while I held off the guards gathering in the clearing. I put my water back in the leather pouch and started to scale the wall pulling out the arrows as I passed them.

I reached the top and the Ventus had already dispatched the guards on the wall. I smiled at him, he was a good warrior. We turned to the other side of the wall. I hadn't thought about this part I could jump the wall by using another technique Zosime taught me, but there was no time to teach the Ventus in the time amounted.

While I contemplated this, I felt a burning sensation in the back of my head, like eyes. I turned, in the nearest tower of the fort, stood Zena peering out a window.

It happened so fast, it was a blur, the Ventus falling from the wall, hit by a deadly fireball from Zena, me encompassing him with my water to cushion the fall. I jumped from the wall and slowed my fall by falling against the wall. The Ventus was shivering uncontrollably from my water and the cool Ventus air. I checked him for any broken bones. He seemed to be fine, despite the fact he was unconscious from the fall. I pulled my water from his clothes and started to pull off his head covering so he could breathe easier.

I froze when I saw his face. He was handsome, very handsome. His face was burned into my soul. It was Raydin, Raydin of the Sun.

This shouldn't surprise me, but I assured myself that he hated me after the day I saw him. But I guess this would explain why he could read Flamma tongue.

I considered leaving him here, but that wasn't really an option. He had just given me my freedom back, and he would be killed for treason if I left him there. The real question was why had he come back, I suppose he couldn't tell me why unless he was alive and with me. If anyone was going to kill him it would be me.

I sighed and struggled to get him upright and put his arm over my shoulder. I couldn't carry him by myself so his useless legs would have to take some of the weight.

Time was of the essence, guards had already gathered on the wall and the gate was opening for my retrieval. I held his waist and tried to run as fast as I could, every few hundred yards or so I would have to stop and resituate. I headed north I had to grab my things in Beor. Things would not be easy to explain to Gaudium. There wasn't any cover for at least a mile. Ventus was a land of hills and grasses, but by the border trees started to grow.

I looked back, the Flamma had lit up the night with their flames. The Flamma knew I could be slippery so they slowly searched the terrain. The sky was clear and the moon was full I would be easily spotted in the open. I tightened my grip around Raydin and started to run again. The trees were now only a half mile away. I was relieved. I didn't know how much longer I could run with unconscious Raydin, limp as a worm.

Finally, we reached the trees. I went about a quarter mile into the forest. Then, after I propped Raydin against a tree, I went back to the forest edge again. The Flamma soldiers were still there slowly scanning the plain.

I heard a deep rumble impending from the fort. Quickly, the soldiers retreated back to Fort Laurus. Strange, Flamma weren't known to give up so easily. No matter, I would run to the Zinder Inn, grab my things and be back before morning. If I knew anything, it was that Raydin would still be unconscious at least till noon tomorrow. He would be safe here until I got back. Hopefully.

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