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No Pain, No Gain is the third chapter of Avatar Phoa series, written by AcerEvan.


Joy's Room, 05:25

The young firebender awoke, while the grass was condense, and the air was still cold. He sat down, beside the window, while the horizon was still dark, with the sphere of the night still spreads full fill the sky. The breeze waft onto Joy's chin, while he was still sleepy. The birds chirping, and the sun rises heat the mist Island. It was very bright sun.

He saw the new Avatar was getting mad, enraged, finally decides to end the practice. The Monks just cowered, saw the mad girl.

"I can't! I can't!" Phoa cried. "No, you surely can. If you calm, focus, feel the breeze, hear the wind, and let the energy enter your body...." said Monk Lobsang. "No! I can't do that! The Elder was wrong!" Phoa said. "The Relics where you choose that in Fire Temple, and the spirit of Avatar who possessed you, and you're the younger Master of Fire, in 10!" said Monk Fang to the Avatar.

Air Temple Island, 08:04

The golden flecks through the clouds slowly shine the garden, when the Avatar walks leave the Monk onto a zen garden, near the temple beside the river. The mist slowly erased by the heat of sun, and the river starts to flowing. Across the light blue sky, in a little droplet of cloud, the Avatar ran looking for her friends.

"Ratih." Phoa cries.

"What's wrong, Phoa?" Ratih said getting out from her room.

"I can't. The elder was wrong. I won't able to bend air!"

"Just the time can answer. And...."

"I-I must save the world. But, I'm still 16 now. Try think these: I will the full-realized Avatar at 20, the enemies will comes out before I was getting 20, and I still don't know anything about Avatar State!" Phoa cried out.

"Probably you must take a rest, and practicing with seriously but still joyful. You don't want this world ruins, right?"

"Yeah. Thanks, Ratih. Help me met Fansha, and Monk Lobsang. They will teach me."

"Alright, Avatar."

Air Temple Island--Air Scooter fields, 11:00

After the Avatar be appeased, and the friends're encouraging her, below the sunshine, when the flying bison fly onto the horizon, almost blue, the young airbender starts practice airbending with his friend.

"Just let the breeze comes onto your soul, Phoa. Be calm." Fansha said.

"Bitter work, guys. Phoa, you're the Avatar! Prove to the world, you was their leader!" Joy yelled cheering to Phoa.

The Monk then step joining the Avatar. Helps the young airbender, Monk Lobsang just stands up, observe his pupil in her training.

"Your move was wrong, Phoa. Your hand must follow the air. Use your mind, be calm. Just that the secret of airbending." Monk Lobsang said.

"Is the past Avatar can easily learn this move 70 years ago?" Phoa asked.

"Sorry, I was 2 while Avatar Xiethou was learning airbending, and it's almost 80 years ago. But, I remembered my uncle was almost 6 months to teaches Avatar Xiethou for mastered airbending. But, she was from Earth Kingdom, although. The opposite of airbending arts. My uncle said to me, while I was learning airbending 45 years ago:No pain, no gain, my nephew." Monk Lobsang said.

Flying Bison Stable, 13:00

While the sunshine starts set onto the West, and the seashore was waving onto the beach, the Avatar's walking onto flying bison stable, with Sister Lio, learned the history of airbending arts.

"My dear," Sister Lio said. "This is the flying bison. The first airbender in the world." Sister Lio continues.

"What was that? An arrow?" Phoa asked curiously.

"Yes, my dear. It indicates flying bison was the master of airbender. The mother that sat down under the canopy was the oldest flying bison here. It almost 70 years, after she was born in here. I was 5 years, while I helps my mother at her birth. Her mother was the youngest flying bison who discovered by Avatar Aang, 175 years ago. The story begins, in Avatar Roku's era. Fire Lord Sozin, the cunning Fire Lord was starts the World War with a comet. It was almost 200 years ago."

"What happen?"

"The Air Nomad Genocide. The Fire Lord won't be happy, if the Avatar still exist. After the death of his friends, Roku, he starts the genocide in all 4 Air Nomad Temple. Fortunately, your past was ran away before the genocide happened."


"After 100 years, a little girl waterbender with her brother discovered him, and they help the Avatar to get the peace from the Fire Lord. The grandson of Fire Lord Sozin, Fire Lord Ozai was conquered almost all the world. After take Omashu, Ba Sing Se, and Southern Water Tribe, he wanna to destroy Earth Kingdom."

"What about Eastern Water Tribe and this place?"

"That place and this island yet to be discovered, my dear."

"And then?"

"Avatar Aang can held the peace. After all, the next Avatar, Avatar Korra was born after Avatar Aang's funeral. She then goes to here for learning airbending, with Avatar Aang's son, Tenzin. I called him, Monk Tenzin. Her jobs was bring the peace from anti-bender; the Equalists, and became full-realized Avatar. At last, Avatar Xiethou was born, and she must work hard to get the peace from the bandits. And now, you was learning airbending!" Sister Lio said.

"Wow, I must became the next full-realized Avatar!" Phoa yelled.

"You know, a full-realized Avatar almost all get that title at 30, and they must work hard to complete the tasks." Sister Lio explained.

"By the way, this mini trip makes me hungry. Let's go back, so we can eat foods!" Phoa rushed to her room.

"Hahahahahaa......" Sister Lio laughed.

Air Temple Dining Room, 19:00

After learning from the history, and get a rest, the Avatar with her friends entered their rooms. It was very misty for a tropical island. The lamp heat the room, and the foods are seems delicious. The air was not friendly, and the thunderstorm hit the ocean, while the Monks and Sisters with the Avatar enjoy the food.

"What is this? I think I can-hoeeek!" Fansha spits out the food.

"This is gudeg. I learnt it when my mother was became the chef, and I sprinkled it with a pounds of seaweed." Sister Ryu said.

"Wha-what? This is sucks!" Fansha yelled.

"Sorry. Probably you can enjoy the soto." Ruth distracts before Sister Ryu gets angry.

"No problem, Ratih. Monk Lobsang, Sister Lio, sorry interrupting, but I must go to my room, now." Sister Ryu said.

"Alright, ma'am."

I can feel a dark spores comes out through the world. Prepare yoruself, Avatar! Sister Lio said at herself about Phoa.

Republic City Town Square, 22:00

Suddenly, in the quiet town, when all people get sleep, a lot of people walk in the dark night, when the stars shine dimmed, go through the mountain, entered the cave. They then sucked onto a prison, breaching the wall.

Author's Note

After getting confused for this chapter and my exam, finally this episode finished! For the mysterious silhouette, get ready for the next: The First Defiance. If you want to help me in grammar, I am still need you!

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