No Bending in Class
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Blind me, it was hot! Life in Australia is a good life - a strong economy, safety, freedom and space, lots and lots of space. There was a huge downside to living in Sydney - the heat! Blind me, it is not uncommon for a summer day to exceed 30 degrees Centigrade, that's 86 degrees Fahrenheit or to put it another way, 300 Kelvin, which isn't really saying much. Cortana tells me it's only 15 degrees, yet I'm dripping like a pig! I always wear my school uniform with pride but today was an exception. My tie hung loose around my neck and my collar button was open. I took off my blazer long ago and neatly shoved it into my locker. I find it unbelievable that anyone could be cold in this weather. Yet, sitting beside me in class, my friend Nick was wrapped in a jumper, blazer and scarf. Furthermore, he has informed me he is indeed wearing a T-shirt under his shirt.

I lounged on my chair, my sweaty shirt clinging to both my back and the seat. "Blind me, Nick," I exhaled, "you look like you're dressed for Stalingrad!"

He looked me in the eyes. "It's freezing," his teeth chattered, "how can you wear that? Aren't you cold?"

Nick is a skinny chap, so I can understand how he would get cold, but this was just ridiculous. Then again, it is late winter and my sleeves are rolled to my shoulders. It's quite uncomfortable, I dare say. Never the matter, sir is off on a tangent again, I always enjoy these. The lesson started on telecommunications and satellite technology, now it has taken a very different path. "The Germans weren't idiots, man," he explained, "when the Russians came, they would dig ditches, cover them with twigs and hide in them. Then they would strap a bomb under the tanks, right, and they'd blow up." Oh, how the lessons progress, Geography with sir always progresses from the subject to war and then a conclusion of the subject, then back to war. Every so often, sir would tell us stories about his time in the Greek Army. He may have been 50, but none of us had any doubts that he could take on the entire Red Army with only a pen knife.

Aaaahhhchooooo. I sneezed and caught it in my hanky in the nick of time. Something unusual happened. My hanky caught on fire. Woops. I must have done something. I dropped it in shock, as would be expected. Nick came to my rescue, throwing his water on the hanky. Then came an even stranger moment. The water froze into ice around the charred rag. I looked at my friend in shock, and he too looked at me in a similar manner. As it turns out, the entire class looked at us like that. "Uh, James, Nick, do you two want to go outside and um, get some water?"

"Yes, sir," we nodded in unison. I was no longer hot, I rolled down my sleeves and fastened them at the cuffs, did up my collar button and fastened my tie. Nick must have felt warmer, for his lips were no longer blue, and he whipped off his scarf and blazer. Regardless, we left the classroom and descended the cement stairs. We reached a shaded area, a few metres from the canteen and bubblers.

"Is it just me, or were we bending?" Nick asked in a clear voice.

"You mean like that show, Avatar?" I asked.

"Yes. I think you firebended, and I waterbended."

"Firebended? Firebent? Huh. It's quite possible, step back," I pondered the matter. I took a deep breath and punched, exhaling loudly. I was not surprised when a large fireball exited my fist. "Nice. I think you're a waterbender. Let's see what happens if I twist these taps." I twisted the taps and water gushed out.

Nick shifted his weight through the stances, just as Katara does in the show. Just as in the show, the water formed a large stream that followed his arm. "I like. Hope I'm a bloodbender."

"We'd best get back to class," I said. We walked back to class and tried to pretend nothing had happened. It didn't work, I don't think. We kept getting strange looks - mostly smiles, but still peculiar. The rest of the class went mostly as expected, sir taught us about Hitler. In English, I delivered a speech comparing Romeo and Juliet to Avatar on the theme of family is a conflict, and we can all relate. Didn't look at my cards, so I have no idea if I said it word for word. Still, who needs cards?

Lunch too, was like any other day. I bought the usual at the canteen, a box of tasteless chips and a delicious fizzy iced tea. I opened my drink and the contents formed a stream that smacked me in the face. Nick did it, of course. I burnt his chips. Needless to say, he wasn't too happy with that.

We are in year 10. It is a good year with good students. Well, the students are chaotic and would rather debate philosophy than actually work. Then again, this is a Greek school. What would you expect? The year above us, on the other hand, is absolute hell! It's full of thugs. And a few of them were heading for us. I had no clue what they wanted, probably just to threaten us in ridiculously stupid voices. "AAyyyyyyyyyy," they spoke in unison in the dumbest accents imaginable. A particularly large member of their pathetic gang lunged at us and laughed.

A muscular friend of mine offered to help us. I waved away his offer. "No, no, it's fine."

"AAAYYYYY.... James is a big boy now," one of the thugs said, whacking me over the head.

When I get annoyed, I speak in a stern British accent, received pronunciation, to be more specific. "Listen here, you degenerate scum, had I the displeasure of being you, I would put more focus into reminding myself to breathe, rather than insult my superiors."

"Wut?" a particularly dimwitted member uttered without moving his mouth.

Nick was justifiably fed up with the idiots. "Go away!"

"U wanna fite m8?" the biggest of the idiots said. Well, I cannot tell for sure if he spelt it like that, chances are the degenerate can only write with a continuous squiggle and a punch in the face.

The idiots threw water balloons at us. Using his new found abilities, Nick stopped the balloons mid-flight and threw them back at the idiots. They did not pop when they hit them, but rather shattered, with small flecks of ice showering their faces. My friends cheered from their seats. One of them grabbed Nick by the collar and slammed him into a tree. Presumably, he didn't like being smashed with ice. From the looks of things, he didn't like his trousers being burnt off either. But you can't get everything you want, now can you? "Did you just set me on fire?" one of them asked.

It wasn't that hard to fool them. "Me, set you on fire, sure! What have you been smoking, mate?"

A gust of air blew away the idiots. We turned to see my friend, a giant, muscular baby, throwing the thugs away with airbending. He was giggling as he did it. We all attacked them, some of us were even throwing sticks and bits of bark. It was hilarious. The teachers didn't believe a word of it. I suspect some of them knew but just turned a blind eye. When you are a straight A student, it is hard to get into trouble. The rest of the day went on without any drama. It was rather boring, if you ask me. All we have left to do is find the other real life benders and overthrow parliament. But that is for another day... if ever!

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