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Kouta, Ria, Katara, Sokka, Suki, Toph, Haru, Zuko, Teo, Mya

Nita is a sixteen-year-old waterbender of the Northern Water Tribe and the main character of RavenclawGirl29's story Breaking Through.


Nita was born a few months after the Hundred Year War ended, just as Avatar Aang died. She lives with her parents and younger brother. However she spent a lot of time at her Uncle Hayato's house, developing a strong relationship with him. She was the best waterbender in her class, which she took with her best friend Mitsuko. However, unlike Mitsuko, Nita was never interested in the old stories and legends the elder tribe members told. So it became a great shock to her when she was named the Avatar on her sixteenth birthday.

After she learns of her identity, Nita goes to the Spirit Oasis to learn more about herself, she doesn't meet any helpful spirits, she only sees a vision of a badly injured young boy and a waterbender girl who is trying to heal him. Confused by this dream Nita confides in Mitsuko, who brushes it off as an over active imagination, then Hayato, who is slightly more helpful, offering to take Nita to the Southern Water Tribe to find the people in her vision.


Nita is a smart, resourceful girl, who knows how to get in and out of tricky sitiuations, when she thinks things all the way through, when she doesn't, she often gets into messes. She's also very kind, wanting to make friends with everyone, though this can sometimes make her naive. She doesn't hold grudges often, but her temper often flares making her snap at people, occasionally violently hitting them with water, which causes her to feel guilty afterwards. She's very outspoken, but not entirely confedent in herself. Also she is not very patient and gets frusterated very easily. However she is extremely loyal and values friendship above anything else.



Nita is a very skilled waterbender, the best in her age group, she loves sparring with her friends, thus for deepening her skill, however during times when she's stressed or angry she has little or no control over her bending (similar to the Avatar State, but not quite as intense)


Like all children in the Northern Water Tribe (boys and girls) Nita learned how to heal at a very young age. Unlike normal waterbending, healing wasn't something she caught on to right away because of the high level of patients and concentration it takes. However she is still relitively good at it.

Spiritual Connection

Nita has the best spiritual connection of any Avatar being able to visit the Spirit World at will, often having long conversations with Aang without the help of the Winter Solstice



Nita and Mitsuko were born with in a week of each other, they had been best friends since before either of them can remember. For many years they kept each other in balance fairly well; patient, skeptical, level headed Mitsuko often made up for antsy, playful, whimful Nita. Though they fight at times the two girls care for each other deeply. Nita becomes very destressed when she finds she has to leave her friend behind and often wishes she could be there for moral support, or just for a familiar face.


Nita has a very close relationship with her uncle, looking up to him as much as her own father. Since Hayato has no kids or wife of his own, he often thinks of Nita as his own daughter, calling her 'the only girl for him'. When Nita is confused over her first Avatar dream she goes to Hayato for comfort and explanation rather than her parents. Hayato also offered to take her to the South Pole without even consulting her parents, showing he may have more or the same amount of authority over her as her mom and dad.


Kourta is Nita's father, also her waterbending master. While not much is known about Kourta it's clear Nita respects him highly


Suki is the first person Nita meets at the South Pole, telling her not to worry about Katara's initial dislike. Suki and Nita quickly grow very close. Nita greatly admires Suki's independence and skill, along with her powerful love for Sokka and Kereye. Suki also adopts the role of Nita's mentor for Tessenjutsu (Kyoshi Island fighting style). Over time Nita and Suki become very good friends.


Sokka and Nita immediately get on well due to Sokka's strong connection with Aang. Sokka immedeatly is drawn to the young Avatar's curiosity and courage. Sokka begins to develop an almost fatherly bond toward Nita, becoming fiercely protective of her and is more honest with her then any of her new acquaintances other than Aang, telling her things other adults skim over or think she is to young to know.


Nita and Katara did not get on to a good start, due to Katara's immence love for Aang and slight grudge towards Nita for being born. Over time however, Katara warms up slightly to the new Avatar, teaching her more advanced waterbending such as plantbending and even, under certain circumstances, bloodbending. The girls grow relitively close, but are still blocked by Katara's long mourning for Aang.


Nita positively adores Sokka and Suki's young daughter, and vice-versa. Kereye looks up to the Avatar, often trailing after her and watching her training sessions. Nita loves to play with Kereye, and compares her to herself at that age. Nita feels like an older sister to Kereye, and feels like its her own personal duty to keep her out of trouble.


Nita has an unusually close relationship with the Avatar before her, despite the fact she's two years older than he was when he died. Nita enjoys her visits with her past life, despite the fact they often leave her feeling very sorry for the young boy. Aang sometimes uses Nita to check up on Katara, whom he still loves deeply. Nita soon considers Aang one of her best friends. He even tries to teach her some bending, though she can't try the moves out until she leaves the Spirit World.


  • The name "Nita" is Chippewa for "Lead" or "Guide"
  • Nita has the strongest connection to the Spirit World then any Avatar before her.

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