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Avatar: The Last Airbender

It is crossover between Nintendo Week and Avatar: The Last Airbender. It is a story of Gary, Alison, and Dark Gary from Nintendo Week talking about The Last Airbender and sucked into's Aang's world and meet the gang in the Anime series and told about the movie video game and the gang got confused about what are they talking about.

Capture.png Gary & Alison's Miis

The Story

This story started out when Gary and Alison are going to be presenting The Last Airbender game from THQ and Nick games for Nintendo Week. Then, Dark Gary appeared in the front wearing a Fire Nation costume for Halloween. Gary and Alison are wondering what dark Gary is wearing. Dark Gary also brought his 8-Bitalizer again from Episode: 3/29 and Dark Gary accidently pressed the button and Gary, Alison, and Dark Gary went to the Avatar world and landed on Team Avatar.


Dark Gary sneaks up on Gary and Alison to get in front.


Story Introduction

Nintendo Week World

Since in

180px-Alison%27s_Flashback.jpg Dark Gary in a flashback.

Avatar World


Nintendo Week Hosts


  • Gary - The male co-host of Nintendo Week and he is able to do Size Bending that can make him grow big or small.


  • Alison - The female co-host of Nintendo Week and she can do Pretty Bending.


  • Dark Gary - The evil twin brother of Gary, but in this episode he teams up with Gary, Alison, and Team Avatar to defeat Azula. He can do Kettle Corn Bending.

Team Avatar


Villains from ALTA

  • Azula - The antagonist of this fanon who tries to capture Aang and take her father's fire bending powers from Aang and give them back to Ozai.
  • Ozai - The villain who sent Azula to capture Aang to get his bending back, so that he can destroy the world again.

Anti-Nintendo Week Crashers

  • Giant Chicken - The giant chicken that broke into Gary & Alison's house in the previous episode and he is one of the enemies helping Azula and Ozai.
  • TBA - TBA
  • TBA - TBA
  • TBA - TBA
  • TBA - TBA


Part 1: The Dark Gary in the House

  • Gary: Hey Guys, welcome to Nintendo Week.
  • Alison: Check out The Last Airbender for the Wii.
  • Dark Gary: And we can check to see some cool Wind Bending! (jumps infront on the screen)
  • Gary: What are you wearing?
  • Dark Gary: What? It's a Fire Nation costume that I am going to wearfor the party.
  • Alison: It's Airbending, not Windbending.
  • Dark Gary: What ever, bros.
  • TBA

Part 2: Aang and Gary vs. The Giant Chicken

  • TBA

Part 3: TBA

  • TBA

Part 4: TBA

  • TBA

Part 5: Dark Gary vs. Azula - The Ultimate Combat of Nintendo Week

  • TBA

Part 6: TBA

  • TBA

Part 7: TBA

  • TBA

Part 8: The Grand Finale

  • TBA

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