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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Moon Drops and Star Dust.

Biographical information

United Republic of Nations, Northern Water Tribe, and Southern Water Tribe


Water Tribe


178 AG

Physical description


Hair color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Panda-whale-tooth Spear

Fighting style(s)



Kayok(formerly), Tarrlok, Korra, Meelo, Akiak, Megumi, Nanuk, Reziir, Lien, Anaru, Shady Shin, Red Monsoon Triad, Triple Threat Triad, Agni Kai Triad, Rabble Rousers


Kayok, the Liberation Squad, Tarrlok(formerly)

Chronological and political information

Triad Leader (formerly)

  • Leader of the Red Monsoon Triad (formerly)
  • Upper-class United Republic citizen
  • Weapons master
  • Leader of the Rabble Rousers
First appearance

Moon Drops prologue: Tension

Last appearance

Star Dust

Nini is the second daughter and third child of Avatar Korra and Councilman Tarrlok in the Moon Drops series.

She had a very close relationship with her two older siblings Akiak and Kayok. She learned waterbending movements from her sister (even though Nini is a Non-bender) and was taught the ways of Water Tribe warriors from her brother.

By 192 AG, Nini had lost her brother to renegade Spirits and her sister to the corruption of power. Nini had also managed to take over the Red Monsoon Triad as its reigning leader during that time.

Later in that year, Avatar Korra challenged Kayok to an inevitable battle. Nini and the Red Monsoons raided the battlegrounds afterwards, but never found Korra. Knowing her mother's weakness for Kayok, Nini promptly assumed Korra had lost her life in battle.

With her sister claiming to be the Leader of the Free Republic and sending out a Liberation Squad to enforce her dictatorship, Nini formed her own rebellion of cut-throats by negotiating a truce between the separate Triad divisions. From the alliance The Rabble Rousers were formed under Nini's guidance and leadership.

It wasn't until 212 AG that Nini met the next Avatar. Unimpressed with the Spirits' choice for the bridge between the two worlds, Nini determined that she would have to help Avatar Megumi in order to defeat Kayok and her forces.

Though it was foretold that Avatar Megumi would be the one to put a stop to Kayok's reign of tyranny, in the end it was Nini who took Kayok's life.


Being a non-bender was difficult for Nini. Out of seven children, she and her older brother Akiak were the only ones that did not possess the waterbending ability. During her early life, Tarrlok was displeased with Nini as his offspring. One, because she was female, and Two, because she was a non-bender. Often she would be left to tend for the homestead rather than join her father on whatever outings were planned, and Korra's position as the Avatar left her little time to give Nini the attention she wanted. Akiak and Kayok took pity on their younger sister and spent much of their own free time with her. As such, these were the two people Nini grew most attached to.

She never did give up on the hope that she would one day make her father proud, however. Since Nini was aware she could not accomplish that goal through waterbending, she knew she would have to find some other way. Nini heavily relied on her brother and sister for support in her endeavors, but after she turned 10 her sister became more and more distant. Therefore, most of her training came from the ways of the warrior, with Akiak as her teacher.

In five short years, Nini rose to her highest point only to be struck down by painful blows of grief and devastation. While her sister was gallivanting on the side of the law, Nini had managed to work her way into the Red Monsoon Triad. She learned a brand new skill-set of fighting styles while working for them and was eventually able to challenge their leader to a fight. After winning, a rough transition occurred between those who were loyal to her and those who were still loyal to the old regime. Nini still managed to hold her ground against her rivals and took the role of Leader of the Red Monsoon Triad. Her victory was short-lived, however, when Kayok abruptly threw Republic City into disarray.

Riots, terror, and angry Spirits took their toll on the city. During this time, Nini also had the misfortune of witnessing her brother's death after he made a pact with the Spirits to help restore balance to the world. As a parting gift he gave her his favored weapon and encouraged her to become a renowned warrior.

With few options left, Nini gathered a couple friends and called in some favors from other Triads in order to forge an underground rebellion called The Rabble Rousers. Their sole purpose was to combat Kayok's Liberation Squad.


Yakone's wife

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