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By PandoraStar411 Part of the The Multibender continuity.
Nina LinFung
Nina LinFung
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Fire Nation Water Tribe


Water Tribe, Fire Nation


16 1/2


154 AG

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Weapon of choice

Firebending, Waterbending, pocket knife, fire batons

Fighting style(s)

Waterbending (Northern style), firebending


Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph Beifong, Zuko, General/ Uncle Iroh


Zuko (formerly)

Chronological and political information
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The Multibender

Nina was born and raised in the Northern Water Tribe She is a gifted and powerful multibender. Even though Sokka didn't trust Nina at all, she was accepted as part of Team Avatar.

Nina LinFung comes from a multicultural family. She is the eldest of the three and the only sister her brothers have. She is featured in a fanfiction called "The Multibender" (Will be posted up on Fanfiction )


When she was just five years old, her parents knew her potential for firebending when she sneezed and burnt a tree (by accident). Since her mother is a waterbender and her father a firebender, she has the ability to do both. She keeps her waterbending abilities a secret from her father, but her mother is proud to have a multibender in her family. She loves firebending so when she was 11, she joined a fire dancing group that traveled around the Fire Nation. Every trip she went to, she lied to her parents and said that she was going on a 'journey'. But her father finds out when her youngest brother spills the beans. Her father, who doesn't understand her that much, tells her that she was grounded forever to learn fire dancing, and that her punishment was to learn all about politics. From that day, she hates politics and her father. Since she was an upperclassman, she has an eel hound named Nana.

Meeting Aang and Friends

While on a quest to go travel the world, she bumps into Sokka and rages on how he knocked her food supply and "wasted" her money. Sokka then began to upset her even more by yelling at her to calm down. When Team Avatar comes in and asks Sokka what's wrong, Zuko makes fun of him for possibly breaking her heart. Nina then breaks into an out rage (she can't keep control of her emotions) and challenges Zuko in a Agni Kai. Zuko accepts and they figure out that she is a multibender. Zuko defeats her easily and Aang asks her if she wanted to travel the world with them since Sokka asked where was she going after the battle. She accepts but one condition: that Sokka doesn't bug her on her journey. She then becomes good friends with Zuko and Toph. Furthermore in the fanfiction, Sokka teases Nina constantly and Katara always teases Sokka by asking him if he has a crush on her. Eventually, she develops some feelings for Sokka (there's one point when they actually kissed but Sokka feels bad by betraying Suki so he rejects her feelings and she understands), but he's more like an overly-protective brother than a friend.


  • While being a multibender, Nina combines some of her firebending styles into her waterbending styles and sometimes the other way around too. She's a great Waterbender and when they reach to the Northern Water Tribe, an elderly lady offers to teach her the basics of healing. Katara also teaches some healing techniques to Nina too.
  • As a firebender, she is able to create blue fire. She keeps this a secret by mainly using another source of fire and also by using her waterbending ability a lot. 
  • Ever since her father gave her a pocket knife for her 7th birthday, she takes it wherever she goes. Her father taught her things he thought she might need to know, so she is an expert hunter, which upsets Sokka since he is the main hunter of the gang, and killing machine in battle. The only way to stop her from using her pocket knife in battle is that if she forgot it somewhere or if she lost it. She can also use batons to make fire and use it as a weapon. When cornered and batons are the only thing in her pocket, she dances and uses her batons as her own way of fire bending. (She 'dances' her way with the fire)


When the Avatar gang first encountered her, everybody thought she was very mental and had anger issues. They would always compare her to Toph (and Toph did too). But when they got to know Nina better, everybody got used to her. She's was portrayed by Sokka as a "Sarcastic, Bipolar, Fire dancer girl". In reality, she is very kind to people she cares about, like her friends (Avatar gang sees her soft spot when they got cornered in Ba Sing Se by police officers and she fought them with her rage) and is very emotional. She doesn't know how to control her feelings and when she's around fire, the fire 'bends' with her emotions. Sort of like fire augmentation. But when she first encounters people, she gets really feisty and prissy.


Her mother is Mei (Lung) LinFung (came from the Northern Water Tribe). Her father is TanShi (called Tan-tan by Mei) LinFung. Nina's brothers are (from eldest to youngest): Arashi, Dei, and Kyo.


Sokka: She always was on bad terms with Sokka (since he couldn't help but tease her), but they got used to it and teasing each other was their daily routine (which made Katara and Zuko wonder if Sokka liked Nina and/or if Nina liked Sokka) Further in the course of events she starts to grow feelings for him and even kisses him, but he rejects her feelings since he felt bad about Suki. She understands him and they go back into being 'just friends'.

Toph: Toph is always there for Nina. She's Nina's best friend out of the whole Avatar crew. She understands Nina better than anybody else and vouched for her when the gang decides to kick her out of their group. Toph always tries to cheer Nina up or talk something out of her when Nina doesn't feel comfortable sharing things with the others.

Katara: Katara is like another mother for Nina. Like Toph, she comes from a rich family but hates all the customs of being 'a lady' or 'having true manners at a table'. Katara really hates it when Nina doesn't do her fair share of setting up the campsite but shrugs it off when Nina always brings some sort of edible meat back to the camp.

Zuko: Zuko always feels protective of Nina. Besides Toph, Nina can show her true feelings to Zuko. Being around Zuko always makes Nina feel comfortable. (Vice versa with Zuko)

Aang: Around Aang, Nina always laughs and chats with him about what it was like being an airbender. She always have dreamed of flying one of the gliders and practicing airbending (though it wasn't possible for her). Aang acts more like her guardian, not a friend.

Suki: When she met Suki, Suki was really nice to her. But then she found out that on their travels that Nina kissed Sokka and confessed her feelings which tipped Suki off a bit leading them to a bit of a rocky start. Sokka resolved their issue by saying that Nina understood that they were in a relationship. And also told Suki (when she was alone) that Nina might like Zuko which gave an idea to Suki when she tries to get Zuko and Nina share a room together (in which Aang, Sokka, and Toph reject due to their over-protectiveness for her).

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